What is a Doctor?


What is a Doctor?

Through the practice of medicine, a doctor can maintain and restore the human health and condition. This person is highly-trained to diagnose and treat human illness, pain and injury. They also have different workplaces – some work in public health organizations, others have their own clinics while most of them are found in hospitals.

What does a Doctor do?

A doctor’s schedule is flexible and unpredictable. It actually depends on the field of medicine that they practice. Like mentioned before, they work in different places including offices, private clinics, laboratories, etc. One thing’s for sure, if their patients need them they have to be available right away.

Doctors work very long hours and they have to attend to emergencies immediately. They spend their hours every day checking on their patients, running and interpreting tests, prescribing medicines and treatments, going on rounds and making notes on the patients’ physical condition, giving medical advises on how to stay healthy, etc.

These medical professionals are required to keep themselves up-to-date by regularly reading books, medical journals and also by taking classes. Some doctors specialize in performing surgeries – they work for 2 or 3 full days in the office and the rest in operating rooms doing surgeries. They also spend time completing administrative duties like updating their patients’ records, returning phone calls and dealing with other important office issues.

Types of Doctors

  • Audiologist is an ear specialist
  • Allergist specializes in allergies
  • Anesthesiologist is an anesthesia specialist
  • Cardiologist specializes with conditions of the heart
  • Dentist is the right person to go to for dental concerns
  • Dermatologist is a skin specialist
  • Endocrinologist is a hormone specialist
  • Epidemiologist specializes with various diseases
  • Family Practician is a General Physician
  • Gynecologists handle the female reproductive system
  • Hematologist is a blood specialist
  • Hepatologist specializes with the liver
  • Immunologist is a specialist of the immune system
  • Medical Geneticist deals with genetic diseases
  • Microbiologist specializes with infectious diseases
  • Neonatologist specializes with premature and critical III newborn
  • Nephrologist is a kidney specialist
  • Neurologist specializes with the brain
  • Neurosurgeon performs surgeries on the nervous system
  • Obstetricians do childbirth and other gynecological issues
  • Oncologist is a cancer specialist
  • Ophthalmologist is an eye specialist
  • Orthopedic surgeon deals with bone conditions
  • ENT is a specialist of the eyes, nose and throat
  • Perinatologist specializes in high-risk pregnancy
  • Parasitologist is a parasite specialist
  • Pediatricians treat medical problems of infants, children and adolescents
  • Podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist
  • Psychiatrist deals with mental illness and behavioral disorder
  • Surgeons perform various operations
  • Urologist is a urinary system specialist
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