Vaginal Douching for Hispanics

vaginal douchingVaginal douching involves inserting a device that will stream in water to the body for medical or hygienic reasons. Although there was a decrease in the practice in the United States, some still remain to observe it especially the minority ethnic women and women of lower socioeconomic status. They continue to observe this practice because of the increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Social and cultural norms related to female hygiene, reproduction and sexuality influence the practices of douching. However, in the past years there are very little researches done to address the beliefs and practices of Hispanic women about vaginal douching, let alone talk about the opinions of men regarding the issue. This article goes a little further into that and gives credit to what Latino men think of this topic.

Hispanic Men’s Belief about Vaginal Health and Odor

Generally, Latino men consider cleanliness as a top priority. They described a ‘healthy vagina’ should be free of discharge or at least free of ‘abnormal’ discharge. It shouldn’t have any strong or repulsive odor. Based on what men say about the vagina, they believe that it is a dirty part of the body where sperm and menstrual blood are deposited – which means that it is an inherent source of contamination and odor.

They strongly believe that vaginal douching is important to help remove these dirty deposits. It will flush out the sperm from intercourse and the blood from menstrual cycle. If women refuse to do the said practice, then men would view them us unhygienic. Moreover, Latino men said that an unclean vagina is equivalent to unattractiveness. Refusal to actively remove the bacteria from this private part is a threat to the woman and her partner.

Knowledge about Hygiene and Beliefs about Douching

Majority of the Hispanic community believe that cleanliness is fundamental to a woman’s vaginal health. The men are aware of different practices including douching. The opinions of these men were based on their personal experiences with their female partners and some from their female family members or the media.

Again, vaginal douching is viewed as a necessary practice by most of the Hispanic community. Through their experiences, they can tell if a woman practices vaginal douching. Generally, it is good that both Latino men and women are becoming aware of this personal hygiene practice so as to avoid spreading infection and diseases especially when getting involved in sexual intercourse. The source for this conducted research can be found at

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