Understanding the Hispanic Culture

colorful ceramic designs depicting hispanic culture

Culture is a wide range of subject that takes us back to history and origins of everything that comprises it. To have it broken down to pieces and discuss about each of its area will take up a lifetime to finish. On the other hand, one of the richest and colorful cultures that have taken over the world then and now in terms of influence, language and belief is the Hispanic Culture.

The influence of Hispanic Culture

Spain is a country of art, religion and literature. All over the world, Spain is one of the most influential countries that have planted its root to different races and ethnicity across the globe. Not only were they able to plant but they were able to keep it standing for centuries until now.


Art is seen everywhere in Hispanic countries, from their architectural structures, paintings and even how they dress up. Usually, paintings painted by Hispanic artists have distinct and strong colors portraying faces of people in different angles which tell a story.


Religion is a big part of the Hispanic culture. Roman Catholicism, the religion that will come to mind, is a way of life for people in this long thread of culture, their strong beliefs over religion is something that kept their culture tight and unshakeable which also led them to influence as many countries as they can. This is one of the reasons why this culture has kept its strong hold over the years, because religion has a way of keeping people and preserving their faith even to death.


Literature has its own thread of history and origins, but among these threads, Hispanic literature is probably one of the world’s most beautiful and well written literary pieces ever made. From Medieval period to modern age, Hispanic literature flourished with its presence. Most Hispanic literature covers a story about love, family and religion which magnifies how this culture is made of.

Hispanic Culture in US

America is a powerful continent, which has its own influence to other countries in just about every areas of culture. They have their own long stretch of origins and histories that managed to still be active and be followed by millions. However, they are not an exception to the power of Hispanic culture to penetrate to them. Most of their countries, especially in South America are of Hispanic descent. The influence of Hispanic culture in the US is visible; from the food they eat, architectural structures, music, business and even politics – there is always a trace of Hispanic in it. It may not be the whole of it but a part of this culture has an effect and power that can make a change and mark in the influential culture of the United States.

Keeping its stand over the centuries

Among the cultures in the world, one may ask how Hispanic culture can have this influence to millions of countries and people and how were they able to keep this culture alive and intact. The answer lies in the loyalty and respect of one’s belief and tradition, their love for their history and ancestors that built this culture from long way back. Find more Hispanic people and businesses in your community and get in touch with them to experience their very rich culture.


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