Uncovering More of the Hispanic Heritage Month

hispanic heritage monthIt was in September 17, 1968 that the United States Government officially announced and mandated a law that recognizes the many contributions and accomplishments of the Hispanic community. It was also then that the country started celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month. The said law was also expanded in the year 1998 and ever since then, the festival is annually celebrated come September 15. The main purpose of celebrating this event is to pay respect to the cultural diversity and helpful contributions of the Latin residents of the U.S. Schools have made sure that all of their students and teachers are aware of this celebration. They wanted to instill this awareness in order to encourage the people to pay respect to the Hispanics living in the country.

What’s in Store for Schools Regarding the Hispanic Heritage Month

The Office of Equity and Assurance has designed a bundle of information that schools in Maryland can use to assist them during the celebration of the Hispanic Heritage Month. The corresponding faculties may either adapt or modify the guide. It’s up to them to make the whole month program well-suited for their students.

Helpful Suggestions for Schoolwide Activities

  • The “Hispanic Heritage Minute” – this consists of daily announcements about notable people, events, holidays and anything that is related to the Hispanic community. These announcements will help enrich the students knowledge about their Latin sisters and brothers.
  •  Musical Moments – playing of Latin music samples that are approved by the BCPS will also help in setting the mood of the students. They will learn to appreciate the talents of the Hispanics and probably even be inspired by them. Moreover, the school can organize a concert wherein Latin performers can showcase their talents for the parents and students to watch. Setting up a snack bar filled with Spanish-inspired dishes would also be a great idea.
  • Show What You Know – this activity is filled with puzzles and trivia about the Hispanics. Some schools make it more fun by turning it into a scavenger hunt.
  • Appreciate Latino Literature and Encourage Writing – this one is all about the literary contributions of the Hispanics. What teachers can do is find poetry, quotes or short readings that are written by Latino authors. They can have these read aloud in class or announced in the school’s sound system. To make it more entertaining, they can assign the students to interpret it through a dance or act.
  • Food for Thought – this activity is one that many people love. It includes eating famous Hispanic delicacies. The cafeteria usually dedicates one whole day to cooking and serving tradition Latino food. The menu includes tacos, burritos, corn and many more. The faculty also encourages their students to have dinner with their families at a local Latino restaurant. There are a number of good Latin restaurants all around Maryland, Taco Bell is just one of them.
  • Wall of Fame – displaying a Hispanic-inspired “wall of fame” at school is also a great idea. This can include posters or drawings of Great Hispanic Americans. It is an effective way to show the students that the Latinos are indeed influential in many things. After all, there is a lot of Hispanic artists, writers and inventors.
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