Tips to Help You Maintain Proper Spine Alignment

proper spine alignmentYou may already have a spine alignment problem without you knowing it. It may be caused by a few fender-bender activities or a minor collision. You may not realize how serious the problem is until you suffer from an ankle sprain or a knee trouble that can develop into chronic pain. When the situation gets really worse, you may need to undergo surgery or a hip replacement. Prevent that from happening by following simple steps to good health and proper alignment.


Always Maintain Good Posture

Make it a habit to have neutral spine position wherein your pelvis, skull and rib cage are aligned on top of each other. This will help prevent overload on one vertebrae in your spine and your movements will be activated from the core muscles. Whenever your bones are properly aligned, you need less amount of energy to move and maintain balance. The rest of your body parts are spared from the stress too.

Perform Regular Exercise that Promotes Stability

Exercises that promote stability strengthen your back and abdomen muscles and help your spine achieve neutral posture. Some examples of these exercises are squats, planks and lunges. Physical therapists can offer assistance with this in the form of proprioceptive training, balance exercises and other related treatment plans.

Do Yoga Regularly

Yoga helps promote balance in your body which means that you’ll have a healthy spine for an agile body while practicing it. It also prevents back pain and other serious injuries. Specific yoga moves are designed to strengthen different muscle groups – focus on your problem areas to avoid incurring serious injuries.

Follow a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food and leading a toxic-free lifestyle is always good for your overall well-being. Consequently, keeping your weight down will be beneficial for your proper spine alignment. Keeping your weight proportional to your height and body will prevent you from being ill and suffering from injuries.

Get Chiropractic Care

Getting proper posture starts with acknowledging the problem which is having improper spine alignment. A chiropractor will be able to address your situation with appropriate alignment treatments such as Pilates and a massage. They can help you achieve the proper posture in no time if you follow their advice and tips. Always keep in mind that improper spine alignment is not obvious during the early stages, you need to seek the help of a professional to ensure that you don’t have it.

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