The Wonderful Colours of The Latino Culture

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First things first, Latino is not Hispanic. Latino is a Spanish word for latinoamericano. Latinos then hale from communities in the 20 Latin American countries in South America like Brazil, Puerto Rica, Cuba, Venezuela and the Caribbean. While Hispanic is the Latin word for “Spain” and so Hispanics are Spanish-speaking people from Spain who live in America and Latin America. Some Hollywood figures like Jennifer Lopez (Cuban) and Freddie Prinz Jr. (Half-Puerto Rican) are just a few of the faces of the Latino/Latina personalities. They are talented, and make most of the modelling industry as their features are well defined. Not to mention the home of countless Miss Universe.

How to Know if it is Latino or Not

The Brazilian way of Carnival and Mardi Gras outlasts and outshines the rest of other countries celebrating it. It is the last few days to overindulge before the Lent sets in. The Carnival spans a long five day straight into Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras). It is marked by colourful costumes uniquely loud, mesmerizing, and truly detailed planned for months long parading the unique combination of the African and Amerindian cultures in contrast to the beads of New Orleans and balls and masquerades of Europe. The Rio Carnival is one of the world’s biggest celebrations.

Their music style is determined by the notes and beats of Tejano music like the music of Selena. And they have Julio Iglesias and Enrique Iglesias (father and son) to represent the Latin ballad music. Salsa originated from Latin America based from Cuba son and Puerto Rican bomba and plena. It is the melting of Afro-Cuban percussion, Spanish cancion, and guitar into one incorporating the elements of rock, funk and R&B. Plus those Spanish romantic lyrics- a very rich music indeed.

Latin American is the home of rich cuisines. Each country showcases different unique recipes. Any food enthusiast will feast in this continent. The Mexican food is popular for its intense spices, flavours, and colourful decorations like the Enchilada from Mexico, Peruvian Ceviche, Asado of Argentina, and so on. The latino menu and recipes are mixture of the kitchens of the world including African techniques, European culinary traditions, Asian cuisines from China and Japan and native American influence. One could just imagine the texture and exotic fusion of all these taste buds from all side of this world.

The sombrero is a trademark of the latinos. But it is more likely worn during a costume party now if it is still worn at all. But nowadays, the essence of South American clothing still exist today, like the Liqui Liqui of Venezuela, paired with a matching colourful ribbon for the head. They usually come in different colours with different prints and patterns. It was said that its roots is from the Philippines.

The world is filled with interesting places and culture and people, each time different, and each time as colourful. The Latinos definitely has a lot to boast and a lot to share to the world, in the first place, they are the product of cultures meeting from different seas.

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