The Latin Americans Really Know How to Party

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This Latin Festival Happens Every Year

The Festival LatinoAmericano happens annually because of its continued success and mirth. People from all around the country get together in Charlotte, NC to celebrate this even with the Hispanic community that resides in the place. In fact, it has been noted that over 20,000 people have attended the 23rd celebration that happened in October 13, 2013. A record number of its attendees came from other states and they all crowded at Symphony Park to commemorate this Latino event. As always, it was characterized with lively music, sumptuous food, authentic Hispanic dances and colorful decorations. The energy level of the people was truly amazing as they brought the whole park to life!

To Whom Do They Owe the Latin Festival

The celebration of the Festival LatinoAmericano goes a long way back. This is just one of the many events that are celebrated in the country to pay respect and adoration to the diverse culture and numerous contributions of the Hispanic community. Seeing that the first attempt was very successful, it was decreed to be celebrated on a yearly basis. Of course, the Festival LatinoAmericano wouldn’t be this fun if it weren’t for the people who make it happen. This year, the sponsorship is owed to the organization called La Coalicion. This is a Latin group that is committed to providing an original and gleeful cultural experience to those who want to attend celebrations like the Latin Festival. They can handle a group of 50,000 people without a sweat. They even handle high-impact marketing and recruitment opportunities for their corporate sponsors. For those who are interested, they may get in touch with Tony Arreaza at this number: 704-941-2557.

The Entertainment at the Latin Festival

The entertainment line-up for the 2013 celebration of the Latin Festival is quite impressive. The number of live performances from popular Latin artists is more than enough. This year, they dubbed it as the Rumba Stage. One of the nice things about this event is that it serves as an opportunity for local musical talents to be discovered. Last October, the Symphony Park of Charlotte was filled with diverse sounds which include salsa, pop, Latin rock and many more. Some of the artists that shared their breathtaking talents were Julieta Venegas, Notevagustar, Monsieur Perine, Swing Original Monks and Orquesta K’che. The stage was also taken by Carnaval Stage that focused on featuring traditional music and dance presentations.

Something Else to Enjoy at the Latin Festival

Every year, a special spot for Latin artworks is set up during the festival. They call this the Plaza de Artistas as it showcases the admirable arts and crafts of various Latin artists. They also encourage aspiring artists to display their work. Who knows? This could be their chance of getting discovered as 25,000 guests from different places will be coming over at the celebration. Those who want to display their visual art like pottery, weaving, photography, plastic arts, etc. are more than welcome to claim a spot at the Plaza de Artistas. The main goal here is to promote the creative expression of the talented Hispanics. And the best part is that the proceeds will be donated to the educational and social programs for them.

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