The Importance of Car Insurance in Virginia

Car insurance concept.Virginia is known to be one of the strictest states in the country. They simply do not have any room for law offenders. It is highly encourage in this area that every driver must know the rules by heart. And one of the most important things that they should remember is to have car insurance. The nice thing about having car insurance is that penalties can be avoided. Usually, auto insurance companies in this state cover more than accidents. However, they base everything on facts and not on their clients’ decisions. It would be helpful if a driver would educate himself or herself about the crime rates, road conditions and pertinent areas in Virginia.

Virginia Car Insurance Requirements

Just like in any other state, Virginia has its own set of requirements for car insurance coverage. If the insurance coverage of a driver or car owner does not meet these requirements, he or she will be charged an uninsured fee of $500. Other than this, he or she will be risking the chance of driving around the state in an uninsured vehicle. Furthermore, paying the said fee will only cover the driver or car owner for a year. After which, it has to be renewed and the risk of getting involved in an accident is still at bay. The DMV makes sure that they keep a close eye to the insurance coverage of each and every one of the motorists in the state. They require all auto insurance companies to make a report about uninsured drivers so that they can prevent these law offenders from unlawfully using vehicles. Below is a short list of the car insurance requirements in VA.

  • Bodily injury and the death of one person $25,000 in coverage
  • Bodily injury and the death two or more persons $50,000 in coverage
  • Property damage of $20,000

Penalties – Virginia Car Insurance Companies

Drivers and car owners in Virginia who do not have a suitable auto insurance coverage face a number of consequences. Aside from paying the uninsured charge of $500, their vehicle registration and driving privileges will also be suspended. The only thing that they can do to reinstate these privileges is to pay an annual statutory fee of $500 that will be charged for 3 consecutive years. They will be asked to fill out a financial liability form for insurance and will be charged reinstatement fees too.

Choices for Virginia Car Insurance Companies

As of today, there are a number of reliable car insurance companies in Virginia. That is why there is no reason for a driver or car owner not to find one. Moreover, they can search over the net for a company that will meet their needs and wants as a motorist. Auto insurance companies in VA also offer free quotes which will allow a hunting driver or car owner to compare prices before making a final decision. Another thing that they should consider before picking out an auto insurance company is to make sure that is licensed by the state of Virginia. Here’s a short list of considerable companies in the area:

  • Geico
  • Travelers
  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • Liberty Mutual

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