The Hispanic Bar Association of MD

The Maryland Hispanic Bar Association is one of the blossoming non-profit organizations that help out the Latinos living in the United States. It supervises regular open meetings with the Board of Directors to keep everyone updated on important news and information concerning the group.

What Drives the Group

This group is driven by a number of mission statements that keep its purpose focused and well-defined. These are as follows:

  • It aims to serve public interest by embracing the science of jurisprudence.
  • It aims to elevate reform in the law and judicial procedure especially the ones concerning the Hispanic community.
  • It aims to administer justice in all aspects.
  • It aims to fortify respect of the law among Latino residents in MD.
  • It aims to promote the standards of the legal profession.
  • It aims to save the highest forms of integrity, honor and professional courtesy among the Hispanic community of lawyers and those who are non-Hispanic but wants to be involved in such matters.
  • It aims to establish close connections among the Latino lawyers practicing in the area.
  • It aims to work hand-in-hand with bar associations regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  • It aims to generate an atmosphere that is filled with professional respect, cooperation and cordiality for all its members, judiciary and sister associations.
  • It aims to create an outlet of open communication for issues and resolutions that concern the members of the group.
  • It aims to practice powers, privileges and discretion as ministered by the legislature, judiciary and the membership.
  • It aims to handle affairs that promote such purposes which may be legally practiced by a non-stock corporation in Maryland.

How to Become a Member

It’s so easy to become a member of this group. All one needs to do is to complete the 2013-2014 membership application and pay dues to the group. The fee that needs to be settled by an individual depends on the type of membership that he or she has. Here are the different types of membership for MHBA:

  • Student – Free
  • Non-practicing Law Graduates – $20
  • Paralegals – $20
  • Government or Solo Practitioners – $40
  • Small Firms or Businesses (less than 50 employees and 15 lawyers) – $50
  • Medium to Large Firms or Businesses – $75

All members should be aware that they must fill up the 2012-2013 Maryland Hispanic Bar Association form to be able to apply in any form of payment. Payments through credit cards are allowed by the organization as long as the payee completes the credit card authorization form with the initial application form.

Who’s Backing Them Up

Through the years, the group has established strong ties with various groups that are more than willing to offer them a helping hand. Together, they work hand-in-hand to achieve the MHBA’s mission and vision especially for the Hispanic community in MD. To name some of the sponsors of this org: Reinstein, Glackin, Patterson & Herriott LLC, Whiteford, Taylor, Preston, LLP, Saul Ewing LLP, Law Offices of Maria Mena, Rismiller Law Group LLC and Law Offices of Roberto Allen.

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