The Hispanic American Community

hispanic cultureMost of the members of the Hispanic American community came from Cuba, Central and South America, Puerto Rico and various Spanish-speaking places.


The Hispanic community is made up mostly of Catholics. These days however, the number of Pentecostals is also increasing. They strongly believe that our health is a gift from God and that we should take care of it. It is a common practice to offer a prayer to prevent illnesses. They also wear religious medals and amulets or keep relics at home. They like visiting shrines and offering candles to different statues and pictures of Saints. The Latinos are well known for their unwavering faith and regular recitals of prayers.

Social Customs

Hispanics give high regard to their elders in the family. They respect them for their experiences and come to them for advice when they need one. When Latinos get sick, they go to their family members first and ask for support and care. They are very family-oriented and recommend safe and simple home remedies.

They also regard the man as the head of the family – the one who makes major decisions. Hispanics practice a strong sense of Paternalism but treat females equally. They deem women as sacred and they always protect them. They do this not because they believe that women are incapable, but because the solidarity of a Hispanic family depends on the well-being of the female.


Hispanics are very private people. They believe that personal matters should be handled only within the family. They highly value modesty and not just for women! They consider the area between the waist and the knees very private.

Some Latinos look down on people who are mentally ill. They often hide this information from people who know them and they also refuse to seek professional help.

Health Practices

The Latinos are known to extremely express their feelings. They want to be taken care of when they are sick because for them, it’s one way to show love and affection to their loved ones. Consequently, they may avoid preventive health care and often show up late in meetings.

Since most of them are Catholics, they refuse to follow birth control techniques other than the rhythm method. They consider plump bodies ideal and thinness as a health problem. They are not used to the idea of social workers and mainly rely on their family and friends for support.

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