The Festivals Make It More Fun in D.C.

Street dancers in Havana. CubaWashington D.C. has always been an interesting place to visit. There are so many things to see here and some of these are the White House, Lincoln Memorial, International Spy Museum and Washington Monument. But besides these famous sites, the city is also packed with fun-filled events. One of these festive events is the Latino Festival which is held annually and is usually referred to as the Fiesta DC. This yearly event is dedicated to the Hispanic community living in this area. It highlights the Latino culture with a Parade of Nations and a couple of other events.

The usual line up for this gleeful festival goes like this:
• Children’s festival
• Science fair
• Diplomatic pavilion for embassies and consulates
• Arts & crafts
• International cuisine

The Fiesta DC is free for anyone to enjoy. There are no fees to pay or tickets to buy. It’s basically an open-house celebration that everybody is invited to, especially the Hispanic residents of the area. This event is usually celebrated grandly and can take up a whole neighborhood. The nicest thing about this Latino festival is that it brings together various non-profit groups, community leaders and even members of private organizations. The main purpose is to let everyone have a good time and enjoy the richness of the Spanish culture.

Coincidentally, this annual festivity is celebrated during the Hispanic Heritage Month. The latter usually takes place during September 15 to October 15. The Hispanic Heritage Month, on the other hand, is celebrated not only DC but also different areas of the country. The purpose of this month-long celebration is to commemorate the culture and tradition of the Latinos who are residing in the U.S. Most of these residents trace back their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America and Caribbean.

The Hispanic Heritage Month is jam-packed with activities and programs that are both interesting and enjoyable. For one, there is the National Gallery of Art that exhibits the richness and diversity of the Spanish culture. They offer regular guided tours that are in Spanish and they provide audio and printed guides too. On a more entertaining note, there is the Prince George’s County Hispanic Festival. This event is perfect for those who enjoy going to carnivals and the like. This is filled with different kinds of games, arts and crafts, pony rides and stalls of ethnic food. Live Spanish music is also played in the background to set the mood and add more life in the festivity.

The Hispanic Heritage Month is also popular among many because of its film showing. The AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Centre is just one of the few places that usually host this event during the month-long fiesta. There’s really so much that anyone can learn from these events. Washington D.C. is one of the most Latin-populated areas in the country and this is why they give high importance to these celebrations. This is also one of the reasons why many Hispanics have found their home here.

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