The Demographics of the Hispanic Community in Virginia

Hispanics in Virginia

Based on the Census report done in 2010, Virginia has already reached more than 8 million permanent residents. This big news makes it one of the most populous states in the entire country. The Hispanic community comprises a large part of this area’s population. In fact, they make up eight percent of the count today which means that the percentage has increased by 92% since the year 2000. And what’s more interesting is that these Latinos represent one third of VA’s new residents. And, they have established their residency in this state through birth and not through migration.
Furthermore, fifty-three percent of the Hispanics who live in this area are native citizens, thirteen percent are naturalized U.S. citizens while thirty-four percent are foreign-born non-citizens. Those who belong in the said thirty-four percent were born in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia or Peru. It is quite impressive how the Hispanic community in Virginia has grown significantly in number in just a short period of time. According to the same Census report made three years ago, sixty-two percent of the Latinos are located in Northern Virginia. They have developed a peaceful habitation amongst the other commonwealth citizens who live in this state.


The VACOLAO is one of the many organizations that provide updates on the Hispanic community that lives in VA. They provide a daily clipping service to keep the residents informed about the current issues on Latinos. This org also ensures that the interests of the Hispanics are delivered and supported. They serve as a source of strength and power for the entire community. They oversee that the Spanish residents of VA are treated equally and given unbiased opportunities. This organization is helpful indeed as it aids in decreasing the ongoing racism in the country.

The Hispanic community in Virginia has significantly increased in number from the year 1990. According to the demographic surveys done by the government, they have tripled their count through the years that passed by. The surveys conducted also show that both the Hispanic citizens and immigrants who live in VA are overrepresented in the military. Keeping a close watch over the Hispanics that live in this state has been very helpful in a lot of ways. It is useful in determining the growth patterns, characteristics and practices of the Latino residents.

According to the United States Census Bureau data, the Hispanic community in VA is mostly located in the metropolitan areas of the state. Fairfax County comprises at least 25 percent of the Latino population in Virginia. And three-quarters of the immigrants are currently in their working ages which are between 20 to 45 years old. They are also very pleased to announce that ninety-four percent of these Hispanic residents can converse in English really well. The practice that they get over the years is very helpful in honing their English communicating skills. And the Latinos tend to live under one roof in large numbers as compared to the typical Virginia household.

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