Spanish Music

Spanish MusicThe Hispanics are known for their love of party, food and music. It is part of their culture to celebrate every little thing that comes their way. Their love for music is as colorful and lively as their festivities. Spanish music is definitely one thing that’s admirable about this ethnic group.

Traditional Music

The Celtic people relocated in the northwest part of Spain in 1000 B.C. As a part of their culture, they have established numerous musical traditions in the region. Some of the most popular are music that includes bagpipes or gaita as they call it, flutes, drums, harps and other musical instruments.

Meanwhile, along the northern part of Spain Basque music was well-loved. This type of music utilizes a lot of vocals such as choir singing. They also used unique musical instruments like the Txalaparta – this is an instrument made from wood and is played with sticks. They also used the Txistu – shepherd’s flute and Alboka – a horn-shaped clarinet. They are very fond of incorporating trumpets, drums and other musical instruments in their songs and music.

The northeastern part of the country, on the other hand, is fond of the ‘Jota’ style of music. This style is characterized by up-beat rhythms with repeating patterns and tonality. Being a fun and exciting type of music, there is no surprise that it spread all throughout Spain in no time. When it comes to instruments, they love using flutes, tambourines, castanets and many more. They combine these with vocals and create magical music. As this style is observed in many areas of the country, there were alterations made to it. Some incorporates a slower beat to the Jota style.

The Flamenco is very popular in the southern area of Spain, particularly in Andalusia. It became known  across the nation because of its exotic character. Alterations and changes were also made to it as it was adapted worldwide. The blend from the nomadic gypsies influence is one of the additions that stood out from the rest. The Moors also created an impressive alteration of the Flamenco with the use of a guitar-like instrument that they call ‘Al-Khitara’. The strings of the guitar are plucked one at a time at different intervals. Furthermore, they have added clapping, dancing and drum-beating to the music style.

Popular Modern Music Today

Even though traditional Spanish music has been altered in many ways these days, you can still see its great influence particularly in the growing popularity of Celtic music. Nowadays, various genres such as rock, hip-hop and rap have been incorporated into the traditional music style of the Hispanics. Some of the famous artists and bands that can speak and of course, sing Spanish include Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Roxette.

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