Seat Belts Can Save Lives

seat beltsSeat belts are often overlooked by motorists and passengers, completely unaware of how this simple thing can help save their lives. During a vehicular accident, a seat belt can protect the passengers from incurring serious injuries. So if you’re one of those people who don’t snap on their seat belts or if your children do not have the right safety seats for their weight and age, then you should definitely read this article.

Many physical injury cases that involve vehicles result from a simple miss of snapping one’s seat belt when inside a traveling car. It has been proven that a seat belt can save a life from any vehicular accident – may it be on quiet streets or busy superhighways. This claim can be supported by data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which states that around 15,000 lives are saved each year from different car accidents in the United States.

Here are some things that your seat belt will do for you.

It Will Keep You and Other Passengers Inside the Vehicle During an Accident

People who are thrown from the car during an accident are four times likely to die than those who are still inside.

Seat Belts Will Restrain the Strongest Parts of Your Body

When properly strapped, a seat belt will restrain the strongest parts of your body during an accident. For adults, these are your hips and shoulders. Having your seat belt properly buckled will prevent these body parts from incurring serious injuries in case of an accident.

Spreads Out Any Force form the Collision

Seat belts that restrain your lap and shoulders will even out the force of a crash all over your body. This will help prevent any one part of your body from incurring a serious injury. The shoulder strap will also keep your head and upper body from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel or any interior part of your vehicle.

Seat Belts Slow Down the Body

A quick change in speed is the usual reason why motorists incur serious injuries during an accident. With the help of a seat belt, your body has extra time to slow down during an abrupt stop, change in speed or if you get hit by another car.

Protection for Spinal Cord and Brain

Seat belts are specially designed to protect the spinal cord and brain – which are two of the most critical parts of your body. Head injuries are sometimes hard to detect and they can lead to death in some cases. Moreover, injuries in the spinal cord can also lead to serious consequences.

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