Scholarships for Hispanic Women: Opening Possibilities

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The dawn of the 21st Century has given women more empowerment than any other juncture in time. Women are now leaders, CEOs, managers, and police officers. Opportunities for women in higher education have also increased, but minority women are still being under-represented in college and university campuses. For many lower middle class and lower class Hispanic women, scholarships can make or break their chance to get a college diploma.

Why Hispanic Women are on the Rise

In the past, Hispanic women in America had barriers in education due largely to long-lasting issues of racism, sexism, and poverty. Until today, the number of Hispanic students filling the classrooms of our higher education is still admittedly meager. However, positive developments to this have become feasible. And recently, Hispanic women are enrolling college at a higher rate than Hispanic men. They perform better in school when they arrive compared to Hispanic men. At the present moment, there are more young Hispanic women who are attending college and joining the workforce, where a good number of them are seeking leadership roles. Scholarships that have been set aside especially for Hispanic women have played a big part in this spurt. Their drive and ambition are now being strongly felt.

In fact, a UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) study revealed that Hispanic women enrollees have a higher rate as full time freshmen at four-year colleges and universities. It reported that these women are more likely to aspire for doctoral degrees. Their internal motivation to achieve is higher than any other group.

Another factor that swiftly propels more opportunities for Hispanic women is the norm of colleges to have a diversified studentry to make their schools more accessible to students of various ethnicities, economic standing, and religious beliefs. Some scholarships are available only to minority students, Hispanics being a good example. Simply having a Hispanic descent makes a person eligible for scholarships and grants.

When looking for a scholarship for a Hispanic woman, a good place to start is with a high school guidance counselor or an admissions counselor of the college or university one is interested with. Another option is searching locally in some state or local governments that offer grants and scholarships. But before applying for a scholarship, it is prudent to read conscientiously the requirements and terms for any scholarship before submitting an application.

Organizations Offering Scholarships for Hispanic Women

There are a good number of privately-funded scholarships within arm’s reach for Hispanic women; here are some options:

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund. It is the nation’s largest non-profit organization supporting Hispanic American higher education. It seeks to give students the tools they need in applying for college, do well in their course work, graduate, be a professional, excel, help lead our nation going forward, and mentor the generations to come.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation. It is a non-profit organization established by the White House in 1987 to identify, inspire, prepare, and position young Latino and Latina leaders in the classroom, community and workforce.

The Hispanic Women’s Council. It was established to help mitigate, if not abolish the under-representation of Hispanic women in high-level, decision-making positions. It aims to support, promote and create opportunities for Hispanic women through annual scholarships.

La Unidad Latina Foundation. It is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization that offers merit-based annual scholarships for Hispanic women.

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