Rockville, Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers Celebrate a Night of Stars with the Hispanic Community

“Possibilities.” Focusing, Norma Guevara spelled out the word letter by letter in her mind. On a piece of paper, Max Major, a nationally renowned magician, scribbled. Max Major dazzled the crowd when Norma spoke the very word he had written.

Noche de Estrellas, a night of stars, was everything the name suggests: magic, music, and memories. Lively Latin music and a sea of attendees salsa dancing across the room marked the celebration of the Hispanic culture and the people who make strides every day to better the neighborhoods across Montgomery County. Amongst the crowd of leaders in the Hispanic community were those who supported them, including Elizabeth Bermudez and Norma Guevara, two of our Portner & Shure Spanish department paralegals.

The Montgomery County Hispanic Heritage Celebration’s Noche De Estrellas by Telemundo Washington, D.C. raises money to support the non-profit organization that has helped countless immigrants, Ayuda. Ayuda is a nationally recognized organization that provides low-income immigrants of all nationalities legal and social services in the local area.

The Ayuda organization is one that is close to the heart of the Portner & Shure family. At the age of 14, Elizabeth Bermudez and her brother left everything they ever knew in their home country of El Salvador to come to America. Their plan was to join their mother who had come to the United States many years prior. Facing the dangers of crossing the border into a strange, new country at a young age, Elizabeth and her brother navigated their way to Maryland where their mother awaited their arrival. Elizabeth was soon taken to Ayuda to obtain proper documentation. Ayuda not only reunited her with her mother, but also gave Elizabeth the opportunities and education of which she always dreamed.

Elizabeth is planning a trip back to El Salvador soon. She still reminisces today about the balmy, tropical weather, luscious fruit, and homemade pupusas. In the mean time, she is happy that she has found a place at Portner & Shure where she is able to celebrate her Hispanic heritage every day and is able to give back to the organization that brought her here. Ayuda gave her the greatest gift of all – the gift of possibilities.

Night of the Stars

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