Reasons Why You Would Want to be a Lawyer

benefits of being a lawyerGreat Earning Potential

If you don’t know yet, lawyers are actually one of the highest earning professionals in the world. In fact, majority of them earn high above the national average. Those that are at the top of their league get as much as million dollar incomes. Don’t forget though that a lawyer’s paycheck is affected by a lot of factors – employer size, experience level, geographic location, etc.

Opportunity to Help Others

If you have a great passion to help out others, then this job will suit you. Lawyers have the power to help or represent an individual, group or organizations that are involved in any legal situation. There are various types of lawyers; personal injury, corporate, criminal and many more. It depends on the type of legal problem that you want to handle. If you become a public interest lawyer, then you can handle legal causes for the greater good of the society. You can help out those who are in need of legal assistance but could not pay for it.

Work Environment

If you want to skip the part of working in a small cubicle, then work hard to be big shot lawyer! This is a sure ticket to land your own plush office with a number support staff at your calling. Being an excellent and popular lawyer will also earn you perks like free gym membership or a box seat at a huge sports event.

Intellectual Challenge

If you are one to enjoy an intellectually rewarding profession, then being a lawyer is your best bet. Your responsibility may range from helping patent a trade secret to designing a trial strategy. You will have a lot of legal responsibilities that you are required to handle even under pressure. Lawyers are problem-solvers, analysts and even innovative thinkers.


One of the things that people like about being lawyers is the flexibility of the schedule. If this ticks your interest, then you’ll work fine as a lawyer. However, you must be willing to put in the extra hours if you have a big case to handle. You also must have the patience to answer phone calls from clients even after work hours are over. As a lawyer, you are not required to be confined in your office the whole day. You can spend it in the field gathering all the evidences that you need for a particular case. Your time is in your own hands!

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