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Quality ChiropracticThe one thing in common about being a jet-setter, a career woman, or a simple dad who enjoys taking walks in the park with his children is a healthy, functioning body. A crucial key to fully enjoy life is to maintain a healthy and pain-free body. To know if you’re getting the right care, there are specific steps that should be followed in order to attain this. The first is called “Relief Care,” wherein the pain is reduced. Depending on the cause, it could take up to 3 visits a week for a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 12. However, as you move from one step to the other, the number of required visits is reduced.

After Relief Care is “Corrective/Restorative Care.” In this phase, your body is going to be brought back to its complete functioning state. Healing is actually part of preventing any added injury and pain. Only 4-8 visits a month are required for this phase for a span of 6-24 months which would also depend on the problem.

The final step is “Wellness.” By this time your body should be completely free of pain and functioning perfectly. The focus for this phase is prevention. Periodically having your body checked from 1-4 times a month is needed to prevent any recurrence of old problems and occurrence of new ones. The determining factor for the number of visits is your lifestyle and goals.

The process can be summarized as “Reducing Pain, Healing and Further Prevention,” though the aim of chiropractic care is all about prevention. The first two are needed for prevention.

The vision of Quality Chiropractic is to make quality health treatment accessible and affordable. The good news for those with insurance plans is that most are accepted at our office. For those without insurance, we make sure that payments are arranged to be flexible to meet your needs. Often, patients find that chiropractic care is affordable enough that they can pay during their visits. Compared to other similar treatments such as pain medication or more extreme options such as invasive surgery, chiropractic care is much more budget-friendly.

All these are what you can expect when you choose to get chiropractic care at Quality Chiropractic. We don’t want just you to enjoy our services and have a better, fuller life, but we want your family to enjoy the same benefits as well. Quality Chiropractic also offers family plans customized to meet the specific needs of you and your family.

As part of catering to your needs, patient forms are now online on our site so that you may choose to fill them up during your free time before your visit. Because the focus is prevention, we encourage healthy living as a whole. We post tips on diets for different needs on our site which you can read in your spare time.

With chiropractic care, prevention is more affordable, more effective and less time-consuming than recovery methods after an injury. We don’t want to see you in pain so take the step to prevent that from happening and get chiropractic care from Quality Chiropractic.

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