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hilton and somerAccidents are inevitable. We cannot predict when it will happen to us but we can do something about it, especially if we are on the losing end. If we get involved in an accident, we usually acquire an injury from it. Accidents result from different situations – car accident, industrial or on-the-job accident, slip accident, sport accident, etc. Physical injuries may also be acquired from physical abuse, assault or domestic violence. It is sad that even children can be victims of these crimes. Furthermore, physical injuries may result from other situations such as medical malpractice, product defects, premise hazards, etc.

Personal injury lawyers handle cases that involve the above mention accidents and situations. Their purpose is to help an individual or group that has been duly violated by another individual or group. The violated party should always be compensated by the other party for the loss and suffering that was caused by the latter. If you or your loved one has incurred physical injury due to the wrongdoing or negligence of anther individual or group, then do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Cases that Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

  • Car accidents – an accident that typically happens unintentionally.
  • Work-related physical injuries
  • Medical malpractice – over 150,000 individuals suffer from this type of physical injury every year and an estimate of 80,000 victims die from medical malpractice. This type of physical injury is a result of someone’s negligence and wrongdoing.
  • Sport accidents – this is also unintentional and a result of rigorous physical activity. However, the rising number of sport-related accident is quite alarming.
  • Violence – this is one of the worse forms of abuse that usually happens among women and children.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries – the cause for this type of injury varies but it is often the most severe case of physical injury. Most of the time, it leads to a more serious illness or even disability.

Hilton and Somer LLC

Hilton and Somer are physical injury lawyers that are helping injured people all throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. They handle various personal injury cases, especially ones that are obviously a case of negligence and wrongdoing. They observe a very client-focused representation and they treat all of their clients equally. Hilton and Somer became popular in the industry because of their legal excellence and high quality service. In fact, their achievements are recognized not only by their clients but also peers and publications. The firm’s attorneys are always ready to represent a victim of any personal injury case.

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