Obesity Issues

obesityObesity is a state-of-being which is associated to having excessive body fat that can be caused by both genetic and environmental elements that are incontrollable even when dieting. If you have a Body Mass Index of 30, then you are already considered to be obese. Being obese should not be taken lightly by anyone as this condition can lead to serious illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and many more. Majority of the individuals who have obesity are unaware that they do.

Obesity is Full of Risks

As of today, it is said that there are about 40 different medical conditions that are related to obesity. Those who have obesity are at risk in developing one or more of the following serious diseases:

  • Cancer (breast, colon, etc.)
  • Sleep apnea and other serious respiratory conditions
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Stroke
  • Heart condition
  • Diabetes
  • And many more…

What Causes Obesity

Doctors said that there are numerous factors that directly or indirectly contribute to being obese. Some of these things are behavior, environment and genetics. In fact, these are the main things that fosters to the complexity of obesity.

You can acquire obesity simply by having unhealthy behaviors. If you choose to lead a lifestyle filled with bad habits and poor food choices, then you can easily develop this condition. If you love eating and can’t control it, then you must have a sufficient amount of physical activity and exert effort in maintaining your good health.

The type of environment that you live in can greatly influence your habits and lifestyle so be careful in making your health decisions. It’s a sad fact that people choose to lead a sedentary lifestyle these days – technology took over physical activities and fast food has replaced nutritious food.

Genes can also factor to your obesity as there are certain disorders that can be develop from it. But not everyone who is predisposed to the condition can have it – so you still have a chance. The experts are continuously conducting researches to determine which genes contribute to the condition.

Obesity among Hispanics

Spanish adolescents born in the U.S. are more prone to developing obesity compared to those who were born elsewhere. As of today, there is 38.2% of Hispanic children (ages 2 to 19) who are overweight as compared to 31.7% of children who belong in the same age bracket. Also, Hispanic boys from ages 2 to 19 are more likely to obese as compared to white or African-American boys.

Moreover, Latino children who are obese are more likely to have diabetes compared to those who are not overweight. Obese children are also risked to develop asthma, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, social stigmatization and other serious illnesses. Members of the Hispanic community are prone to suffer from obesity than their white friends because of barriers to healthy eating and active living.

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