NCLR is an Ally of the Hispanic Community

nclr - eva longoriaThrough the years, the Hispanics have found ways to improve their life and settlement in the United States. They have wished for nothing more but to lead a comfortable and peaceful life in this foreign country. Their hard work and perseverance have paved the way to the creation of organizations like the National Council of La Raza. By far, this is the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy group in the U.S. The main mission of this group is to make a better life for the Hispanic community. The members of this organization have expanded their network by affiliating with over 300 different groups that are community-based and also share their mission at heart.

The people who embody NCLR saw to it that they reach the different sectors of Hispanic community in the United States every year. As of now, they are catering to the needs of Latinos who live in 41 states of the country including Puerto Rico and District of Columbia. NCLR finds various ways to achieve their goal. They tirelessly look for new information that may help out their beloved fellowmen. Through intensive research, policy analysis and continuous advocacy, they are successfully promoting and improving the way of life of numerous Hispanics living in the U.S.

Currently, the NCLR works on 5 key points to achieve their goal. Their focuses include the investments, education, civil rights/immigration, economic status and employment issues of the Hispanic community. Of course, they are also concerned about the overall health of these people. This is one of the reasons why they strive to build strong ties with other organizations. They are keen in looking into the health issues of the Latinos. They are also hunting for job opportunities for Spanish individuals and families who are residing in the country. They strongly encourage these people to work diligently and lead a better life.

Furthermore, this organization was founded many years ago. In 1968, it occurred to a number of educated Hispanics to create a group that is private, non-profit, nonpartisan, tax-free and most of all advocate a better way of life for the entire Hispanic community. The NCLR also serves all of the Spanish subgroups that are located all around the U.S. Its headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. but it also has offices in New York, San Antonio, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. The organization is still continuously spreading out to better serve the Hispanic residents of the country.

Although this group wants nothing but to serve the Hispanic community, it is still criticized by some. However, they still manage to put their heads above all the criticisms that are thrown at them. The organization is strongly driven by its motivation to be the official voice of the Hispanic community. They cooperate with different profit groups to make sure that they advance in their mission and stay on track. The members who comprise this group definitely play important roles in the success of NCLR. Through capacity-building efforts and advocacy-related approaches, this organization will definitely reap the sweet fruits of hard labor.

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