Latino Association of Student Organizations

LASOThis organization is often referred to as LASO, a group formed for and by the students of Virginia Tech. Through the years, the Latino community at the school has significantly grown. The purpose of creating this group is to ensure that the voice of the community is heard not only in campus, but also the surrounding areas. The members are proud of their heritage and through LASO, they are able to embrace and celebrate it.

LASO strives to make each and every one of their members and all the Latin students at Virginia tech, to feel a sense of familia. They do this by establishing a home away from home through their events and programs.

LASO’s Mission

The LASO serves as the ‘mother’ organization of all the Latino student organizations at Virginia Tech. The group sponsors large venue entertainment and educational programs that promote the Latino culture. They support Latino organizations, community and any group that encourages the awareness and knowledge of the Hispanics.

The group also addresses the issues and concerns of the Hispanic community especially the ones involving the students. As the Latino community at the Virginia Tech is continuously growing, LASO takes pride in being the voice that the community can count on. The group always makes sure that they coordinate important events with their constituents for the betterment of the entire Hispanic community.

Nuestro Avance

The Nuestro Avance is the newly-founded Hispanic initiative that aims to bond and strengthen the Latino community at Virginia Tech. It has numerous facets that are especially designed to influence undergraduate and graduate students at the school. The goal is to encourage the students to develop their efforts for pre-college programs, ways to work with alumni, efforts with faculty and staff and efforts to affect the local community too.

The Nuestro Avance aims to establish a better connection and communication amongst the Hispanic community through exchanging of information and conducting events and activities. The group invites all Latin students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to join them.

Hispanic Faculty and Staff Caucus

The Hispanic faculty and staff Caucus or better known as the Hispanic Caucus, is in partner with the University Administration for the recruitment and retention of Hispanic faculty, staff and students. They help promote community efforts that reflect the diversity of cultures around the region. The goal of Caucus is to improve the quality of education for the students and teachers at Virginia Tech and the life of the people living in the surrounding areas.

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