Latin American Cuisine

Latin AmericanHispanic Cuisine food, beverage and cooking styles vary in so many ways and are also characterized by colorful and rich ingredients which truly embody the unique culture that is Hispanic. Since Latin America is a very diverse area of land, it also has varying cuisines from nation to nation. Some of the most famous dishes that they have are maize-based food like tortillas, tacos and arepas.

The Hispanics are also known for their most delicious salsas and condiments like guacamole, chili and chimichurri. These are few of the spices that give the Latin American cuisine a distinct flavor. Sofrito is a culinary term used to refer to a dish that is a combination of sautéed or braised aromatics. It is a sauce that has tomatoes, garlic, herbs, onions and roasted red bell peppers.

The beverages of the Hispanics are just as flavorful as their dishes. They even serve drinks today that originated from the time of the Native Americans. To name a few of their popular beverages, these are hibiscus tea, cacao, aguas frescas and chicha. The Latinos are very fond of eating and drinking anything that has a sweet taste. Some of their most popular desserts are rice pudding, dulce de leche and tres leches cake.

Native American Influence

Modern-day Native Americans are still able to retain the richness of their traditional food and beverage. In fact, white Americans have adopted some of their famous delicacies – cornbread, turkey, blueberry and mush. One of the things that represent Native cuisine is the use of indigenous wild food ingredients. Their dishes are also simple and full of flavor and spices.

Cuisine of Belize

Belizians are one of the Hispanic ethnicities that are known to eat a variety of food. They serve bread, flour tostillas and home-made fry jacks for breakfast. They eat these with cheese, refried beans, eggs and cereals. Their midday meals, on the other hand, may consist of rice and beans and some may prefer to serve coconut milk, tamales, meat pies, onion soup (escabeche), chicken stew and garnaches. Dinners are consisted of meat and coleslaw or salad.

 Cuisine of Costa Rica

A famous dish of the Costa Ricans is called the Gallo Pinto and this consists of rice and black beans which they eat at all three meals every day. Corn tortillas, white cheese and picadillos are some of their other food staples. They are also fond of eating tortillas with most of their meals. Picadillos are made of meat and diced vegetable combinations that are garnished with spices.

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