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A series of high-profile cases has led to the increasingly zealous prosecution of white collar crimes. These illegal actions, taken for the sole purpose of financial gain, carry stiff penalties. Some have federally mandated minimum sentences, not leaving any room for negotiation. If you are facing a charge for a white collar crime, take it very seriously. Your money, property, freedom and reputation are at risk. You need an experienced white collar crime defense attorney to investigate and combat the charge against you. If you live in Washington, D.C., contact The Kaiser Law Firm PLLC today. Call their office at (202) 888-1334 for a proactive and aggressive defense. Before making charges and bringing suit before a grand jury, these agencies use prosecutors to conduct pre-indictment investigations. Ways to know if you are being investigated include:

-A federal agency contacts you
-The corresponding state agency contacts you
-You receive a grand jury subpoena demanding your business records
-You are presented with a search warrant and your business -records are seized
-You receive a subject or target letter informing you of the investigation As soon as you know you are being investigated, contact The Kaiser Law Firm PLLC. They are a litigation boutique firm in Washington, D.C. They represent individuals and small businesses in commercial litigation, government investigations, and in the defense of criminal cases in federal court.

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