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The Back-Story

Miguels Cocina y Cantina is the culmination of a lifetime worth of experiences starting in my childhood in San Diego. We would often hop over the border to taste the authentic passion for food and celebration that Mexico has always embodied. Ever since then I have made a point of taking a yearly trip to Mexico to immerse myself in the food, culture and of course, tequila of that great nation.

While most people imagine the Taco as the cornerstone of Mexican cuisine, the reality is much more subtle. Whether we are cooking in Coca Cola or finding new ways to make margaritas, everything that you experience at Miguels is 100% authentic, based on my experiences eating and living in Mexico.
More Recently

As the walls by the restrooms will testify, my most recent trip was very focused on Tequila and in particular, the Agave heart. This is where Tequila comes from, specifically the Agave tequilana (also known as Blue Agave). As the mural outside the restaurant will testify (in the breezeway), the process of converting the agave heart into Tequila is laborious, with many stages of cooking and cutting. Ultimately it is all worth it though, as the celebrations fueled by Tequila tend to be the best!
The Day of the Dead?

The walls, menus and windows of Miguels are adorned with characters that symbolize the day of the dead, or ” El D

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