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Medical malpractice lawyers Mesirow & Stravitz represent clients throughout metropolitan Washington (including the Maryland suburbs and Northern Virginia) and Baltimore (including its surrounding counties), such as those arising from:
Missed diagnoses
Lack of informed consent
Anesthesia errors
Surgical injuries
Delayed diagnosis
Improperly prescribed, dispensed or filled medication
Improperly prescribed, dispensed or filled dosages of medication
Orthopedic surgical injuries
Spinal cord stimulator injuries
Patient neglect and nursing home abuse
Unreasonable conduct of a physician or health care provider
These can be very serious injuries, causing avoidable disabilities or serious illnesses, and sometimes even death. Just as importantly for many patients, they frequently also constitute a betrayal of the trust we place in the people who care for us when were ill and vulnerable. As attorneys specializing in medical malpractice, we understand that medical malpractice clients have a lot on their minds when they come to us. We strive to ease their troubles by securing money for all of their current and future medical bills, make up for earnings lost because of the illness or injury, dealing with medical and insurance bureaucracies, and pressing for compensation for their physical and emotional injuries. Because medical malpractice cases can be complex, we frequently use teams of experts who can testify to all of the victims losses — physical, financial, emotional and personal. Our goal is always to get our clients the fairest and fullest possible compensation for their injuries.

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