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Lets open something up in Baltimore! said Marianella to her brother Marco back in 2000 when they were residing in Washington D.C. Both were familiar with the concept of opening up a restaurant for they were raised practically in their mothers Latin American restaurants which at the time were located in Silver Spring MD and Georgetown Washington D.C. Los Amigos restaurant was opened 5 de Mayo (May 5th) of 2001.

The menu at Los Amigos is equally inspired by an Authentic Mexican cuisine from Chiapas and Pueblas. As far as the ambiance they both wanted to create an atmosphere which welcomed the locals to pretty much a cool and relaxed setting where they would enjoy awesome Mexican food and great service.

They started Los Amigos in 2001 and it was half the size it is now. They renovated in 2009 and now it looks like a rustic cantina.

I love it here. Theres nothing like having a place that welcomes you like as if youre home…welcomed as an Amigo – Catherine OMalley.

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