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Immigration law is notoriously complex. There are security concerns to be dealt with, language barriers overcome, regulations to be met, and endless piles of paperwork to be filled out and filed. Sometimes figuring out something as basic as which specific visa is appropriate for your situation can be a truly confusing headache. And the process doesnt get any easier after that. Every immigration procedure has its own set of rules and processes that must be followed to the letter. Even a small mistake along the way such as forgetting to sign a document or missing an appointment can result in your application being thrown out or, in some situations, permanently denied. A great way to protect yourself from immigration law headaches and ensure a positive outcome for your situation is to work with an experienced Virginia immigration lawyer. A knowledgeable lawyer with hands-on experience in immigration law can answer all of your questions, provide you with sound legal advice, assist you throughout the application process, and even argue on your behalf in Virginia immigration court if need be. The attorneys at Law Group International have worked with clients facing a full range of immigration issues — everything from obtaining a fianc

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