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This restaurant is soooo good! Ive never had salvadorian food before so I may have a bias because I have nothing to compare it too.
The atmosphere: its a bit ghetto looking with dark booths and ugly colors, but dont let that throw you off. Im also not sure where you can and cant park because the different lots behind it are marked for different buildings, so be careful. But once you come in, you seat yourself and the waiter came promptly by to give us menus and to get a drink order.
We ordered their margaritas and I honestly wasnt expecting much because they were so cheap, but they were so good! They were strong but not overwhelming and you get the little umbrellas!

The menu has traditional Mexican food and salvadorian options too. I had the bell pepper and chicken pupusas and they were really really good! Apparently they are gluten free though so its nice to go to a place with gluten free options.

We also ordered the fried bananas with beans and sour cream and that was good too! The service was good, we ended up walking up to the counter to pay for our bill, I dont know if thats just how it works here or if the waiter was slacking, but keep that in mind.
I would come here time and time again. For two meals, three margaritas, and an appetizer it was only 32$, not bad at all!

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