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hats the Story, Morning Glory?

Where were you in 1997? We can tell you where we were, in a small little town in Southern Utah, called St. George. Working our tail feathers off, well rather Steve and Patricia Stanley were working their tail feathers off, and BAM! The world hasnt been the same since. The Stanleys used inspired recipes and traditional cooking of Northern Mexicos Rio Grande, Southern Texas, and New Mexico, which loosely translates to, Muy Delicousio, and opened six locations in Utah!

In 2004, this genius idea rolled around in the head of Bob Nilsen, and his team conceived a plan to purchase the six restaurants that the Stanleys had so lovingly created. Nilsen, took the little Rios and pushed them outside Utah. Took them to Arizona, and California. Montana and Wyoming. Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland and Virginia. And those six Rios have quickly multiplied into 57 locations, in ten states. Not too shabby for six little Utah babies.
Were fresh. And no, not fresh like Will Smith in Bel-Aire, were fresh in taste, and ingredients. Our amazing staff works feverishly with our little Mexican fairies, hand squeezing 1,000 limes a day; hand scooping more avocados than you can shake a stick at, grating enough cheese to make the Pied Piper lose control of his mice. We hand roll hundreds of tortillas a day. Every day. Made right in front of you on our super hot, amazing Comal. Whats a Comal? Its a big round cooking surface thingy, that every one of our tortillas is cooked on. Sauces, dressing, desserts? Yep, all fresh and made daily. There arent any microwaves or freezers in any of our locations. Nothing is premade. We dont have mechanized processed food. We are fresh my friend.

So now that weve talked about how cool we are, lets turn the time over to someone else, and let them tell you how cool we are. We have the Zagat stamp of approval. It means were really good at what we do, so you should check us out. How about Sandelman and Associates? Theyre a market research and consulting firm that provides foodservice companies with the consumer information they need to direct their marketing and operations efforts. Thats a fancy way of saying that the past three years, weve won their award for being the #1 Overall Quick Service Restaurant in the Country. Its like winning an Oscar. Cafe Rio has won over 60 awards from groups such as Best of City Search, City Weekly, INC 500, Utah Business Magazine, Utahs Best of State, Alfred P. Sloan Awards, and the Oxnard Salsa Festival, just to name a few.
Still want more? Ok, lets talk Community involvement. Mr. Rogers has nothing on us. We are good neighbors! We believe in building for the future and helping to take care of those that help take care of us. Donating to schools, Hope for the Warriors and the Military, and underprivileged kids programs are just a few of the areas we feel passionately about. We love you and were not afraid to show our feelings.

There you go. Thats our story and were sticking to it. Give us a try Amigo; were pretty sure youll like us, and if you dont, drop us an email and tell us how we can make things better, because without you, there isnt an us.

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