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I am a Fairfax car accident attorney who helps you find clarity in a confusing time. In addition to your physical distress, you may also be in pain on an emotional level. In the aftermath of a car accident in Fairfax or anywhere in the Washington metropolitan area, a skilled attorney may be able to help you find answers and solutions through a civil legal action. Anyone with a license to drive a car or truck agrees to a duty of care for fellow drivers. If a driver breached this responsibility through actions that were negligent or reckless, and those actions resulted in harm to you or your vehicle, then you should contact a lawyer today.

My goal is to make certain that you know about your rights as a driver involved in a collision. If you do not know what you may be entitled to after an incident on the road, you may have been intentionally kept in the dark or misguided by an insurance company. Something else you may want to be wary of is an offer of compensation from an insurance company that seems preemptive. Remember, many of these companies have a history of not wanting to pay claims. If insurance people are looking to cut a deal for a certain amount of compensation, you have to wonder why they are so eager to do so. I encourage you to seek the advice of a legal professional before you sign anything.

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