Increasing Awareness of Chiropractic Care among the Hispanic Community

chiropractic careCita Con Tu Salud which means ‘Appointment with your health’ is the highest-rated Hispanic television network in the United States. This program was originally created to discuss and educate the Latinos about various health topics affecting their community. Just recently, they talked about chiropractic care and its importance in the growing population of the Hispanics in the country.

Chiropractic Care Works When Traditional Medicine Fails

The president of Parker University, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini was invited as a guest on the show last October 27 to participate in the discussion about chronic pain and help explain the value of chiropractic care. He also stressed that since the Hispanic community is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in the country, it is important that they are well-informed about the value of chiropractic. Dr. Mancini has also done several segments for CNN Espanol, another famous Latin television show, for the past few years.

More About the Show

Cita Con Tu Salud is hosted by Enrique Acevedo and Pamela Silva Conde together with Dr. Juan Rivera, Univision’s chief medical correspondent. The main purpose of creating the show is to help the viewers, particularly the Latinos, to better understand medical issues. The show aims to increase awareness among the Hispanic community so that they will take better care of their health.

The show is a big hit and it aroused the interests of numerous viewers, with their consistent high rankings as proof. Dr. Mancini said that the doctors of the show had good opinions about chiropractic care and even agreed that it is an efficient treatment for chronic pain.

Support Group

A private health organization that is The California Endowment supports production of the show’s first season. They made it a part of their ‘AsegAorate’ campaign in which the goal is to increase awareness about the Affordable Care Act. This is also to encourage the Latinos to sign up for health insurance plans.

The growing number of Hispanics living in the country is quite alarming. More so, when they are not well-informed about health issues and how to handle such matters. According to the latest census, the growth rate of the Hispanic population is four times faster than the non-Hispanic community. Dr. Mancini said that he is doing his part by educating the Hispanics living in Dallas and Fort Worth areas through radio and television segments. He has been promoting the importance of chiropractic care since 7 years ago.

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