Immigration to Washington DC

idAs an immigrant, getting the best immigration lawyers in Washington, DC is probably one of the biggest challenges in planning to stay in the state. The immigration system of the United States is quite vast and continually changing. This makes the system frustrating plus, it takes a lot of time. That is why it is important that you find the best immigration lawyer in Washington D.C. The United States immigration system encompasses newly arrived immigrants either for work or permanent residence, and business sectors who want to tap skilled foreign workers. Most immigration lawyers in Washington DC offer full immigration services. Ranging from temporary work visas for professionals/workers, employee work visas, permanent residence, employer compliance to help companies avoid/minimize government sanctions, and other immigration needs like assisting abused immigrants and avoiding deportation.  There are a number of great law firms and great lawyers to choose from, but also a number of things to consider. In choosing the best immigration lawyers in Washington DC, the main consideration is really to establish a good lawyer-client relationship. However, a good lawyer-client relationship may be dependent on some factors. Below are five factors that may affect the relationship of lawyers with their clients and at the same time, may be the basis of hiring the best immigration lawyer in Washington DC.

  1. Lawyer’s service charge – Before getting a lawyer’s services set up a meeting for initial consultation. In this meeting, ask how much the lawyer charges. Does the lawyer have a flat fee or does he charge by the hour? However, how much the lawyer charges should not be the basis of how good he is. It doesn’t mean that the more expensive the better nor the cheaper, the worst—vice versa.
  2. Lawyer Experience – In getting the best immigration lawyer in Washington DC, you need to look into how much experience the lawyer has in your immigration type of case. Immigration cases vary and so does the processes involved in it. It doesn’t mean that just because this lawyer was able to help a family friend avoid deportation, the same lawyer is good in handling temporary work permits. Always look into the lawyers history of cases handled.
  3. Professional Trust – This may sound like a cliché but personality does matter. The best immigration lawyer in Washington DC, needs to be courageous enough to stand up for your case but not so tough to create a bad relationship with the immigration people you need to get services from. At the same time, the lawyer should be someone you feel comfortable with/trust enough to confide with confidential matters.
  4. Accessibility – The lawyer should be easy to reach. Immigration processes can take time but still you don’t want to sit around only to find out that you didn’t get the result you wanted. Of course you’d want a lawyer that communicates with you, update you with your immigration status and somebody who will answer you legitimate immigration queries.
  5. Educate and set expectations – The best immigration lawyer in Washington DC gets you involved. The lawyer needs to be able to educate you with the process, what needs to be done and what can be expected. Lawyers shouldn’t give false information just to be able to sell their services. They should be transparent about it –it’s your case so you need to know.

Hiring the best immigration lawyers, Washington DC, may be a challenge but to ensure that you only get the best consider those factors because of course, you would want to get an immigration lawyer that is worth your time and money.

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