Hispanic Pregnancies and Other Issues

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These days, the Hispanics are the fastest growing minority group in the United States. At the same time, they are also the youngest with the estimation that 40.9% of them are under the age of 21. With this information, it is also predicted that their population will continue to grow rapidly in the coming years as the young generation reaches adulthood and create families of their own.

One of the most prevalent issues behind this population growth among the Hispanic community is teen pregnancy. While the rate of teen pregnancy in the U.S. has dramatically lowered in the past years, the opposite happens for the Hispanic community. Young Latinas are getting pregnant before their time and the rate is pretty alarming.

Quick Facts and Figures

  • 51% of Hispanic women get pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20. This rate is almost twice the rate of the national average. This ethnic group has had the highest teen pregnancy rate than any other minority in the country since 1995. Moreover, the rate of teen pregnancy for Hispanic women had decreased in a much slower pace than the other ethnic groups. Truth is, the rate has actually increased in 17 different states.
  • Only 77.5% of pregnant Hispanic women are able to receive the proper prenatal care at the beginning of their pregnancy compared to the national average which is 83.9%. Most of them do not receive any prenatal care at all.

Hispanic Traditional Beliefs

The Hispanic sexuality is surrounded by many beliefs and stereotype. However, these do not necessarily apply to everyone but continues to influence majority of the population. Most of the Hispanics living in the United States are Catholic which is why they follow stringent guidelines about sexual practice. They forbid any form of birth control and pre-marital sex.

There are Hispanic women who abide to these beliefs as their religion has a strong effect on their sexual practices. But there are also who do not follow such regulations and they engage in varying sexual activities. Moreover, since they do not follow birth control practices more Hispanic women are susceptible to acquiring sexually transferred diseases.

When it comes to the sexual traditional beliefs of the Hispanics, the older generation tends to hold the ideas more strongly as compared to the young ones. The younger generation is more inclined to the American culture which means that they are open-minded about sex before marriage. Since sex is considered as taboo in Latin culture, it is less likely for Hispanic families to discuss anything that is related to it. This is why adolescents feel uncomfortable or afraid to discuss their sexual concerns with their parents.

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