Hispanic Culture and Heritage

hispanic cultureWhen you talk about heritage, you are referring to the customs and traditions that are passed down from one generation to another of different families and society.

An individual who has a Latino heritage comes from a family in Mexico, Central America or South America. Spanish speaking people are called Hispanics and through the years, they have become the United States’ largest minority group.

Here are some of their traditions:

  • The Quince Anos celebration – this is also called the Fiesta Quinceanera, Quinces or Fiesta Rosa is a very popular tradition of Latin American countries. It marks the passage of a young woman from girlhood to womanhood. Every Hispanic community has a slight variation to this tradition but it is usually composed of a big celebration with the Quinceanera as the center of the event.
  • Las Mananitas – this is a traditional Mexican song for birthdays that has spread to various Latin American countries especially to Central America. Usually, it is sung in the morning and is sometimes used to serenade the celebrant.
  • Dia de los Muertos – this is the Hispanic community’s celebration of the day of the dead. They do this every November 2nd wherein they dedicate the whole day to honoring and remembering the children and babies who have journeyed to the next life. They also celebrate the memories of their family and friends who have passed away. On this day, they go to the cemetery and bring flowers to the graves.

Hispanic Food

Even the Hispanic food has varying characteristics but one of its main distinction is that almost everything tastes spicy. Latin people are a big fan of spices and here are some of their famous dishes:

  • Moles – this is pronounced as Mo-lay which comes from the Aztec word for mixture. The dish is usually consisted of dried chiles, nuts, seeds, vegetables, spices and chocolate.
  • Tortillas – this is a flat bread that is made from wheat flour and it is widely used as a base for many Hispanic dishes. Examples of Mexican food that has tortilla are enchiladas, burritos and fajitas.
  • Ceviche – this is a Mexican delicacy that has raw fish marinated in limejuice and is often mixed in salads.
  • Pop chuc – this dish is a Yucatecan trademark which consists of pork fillet mixed with tomatoes, onions and other spices.

Hispanic Arts

Latin people are very fond of various forms of arts. They like vivid and lively colors and they incorporate these in their clothing, food and even artwork.

  • Mexican basket weaving – this is one of the traditional Mexican crafts that remain popular today.
  • Earthenware – some of the most common Hispanic crafts are Terra Cotta pots and sculpture. The former one refers to a semi-fired waterproof ceramic clay that is used in pottery and building construction.
  • Piñatas – this is a molded paper mache that is adorned with decorations and filled with candies and other treats. A piñata is usually used during birthday and Christmas parties.
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