Hispanic Community Takes on Festivals in Maryland

Latinos in Maryland

Latinos are well-known for their spices and their love for vibrant colors. They feel most at home when they are surrounded by bright and sunny hues. And this is because it greatly reflects their personalities – fun-loving, humorous, uproarious and very friendly. The Hispanic community that lives in Maryland is the best example of the stated descriptions above. They know how to have a good time and they are famous for throwing some of the most amusing parties ever.


The LatinoFest at Patterson Park in Baltimore is a solid proof of the fact that the Hispanics are unbeatable when it comes to holding a soiree. This festival is a celebration of the Latino culture – food, music, etc. This happens every year and the Hispanic community is always a great part of this event. The LatinoFest usually lasts for two straight days that is filled with laughter and fun. People of all ethnic backgrounds come together at the Patterson Park to party in the spirit of the Latinos. From the type of music that is played to the kind of food that is served, everything is undoubtedly a representation of the said tribe.

The Hispanic community is pretty fond of celebrating festivals such as this one. The LatinoFest is said to be sponsored by the Education Based Latino Outreach. EBLO was established in the year 1980 with the mission of providing better educational opportunities and cultural programs to the young Hispanics and their families. This group was founded by the late Jose Ruiz together with a group of community activists who want to create a brighter future for the Hispanics who live in Baltimore. Some of the members of this committee have experienced discrimination in the schools that they have attended. This is what drove them to build a learning center for children with limited English proficiency (LEP). EBLO has been a source of quality education ever since.

The LatinoFest last year 2010 was celebrated by the Hispanic community on the southeast corner of the Patterson Park. This park is located near the intersection of S. Linwood avenue and Eastern avenue. The admission fee for adult Hispanics was $5 per head while children under the age of twelve are admitted for free. They also had a series of events lined up for the two-day celebration. The sponsors put up a stage that they named after the founder of EBLO – Jose Ruiz. At noon, the music was operated by DJ Andy and at 1 in the afternoon they had Latin American Folk Dancing.
The other fun activities that took place during that day included Pachamama USA, an award ceremony, Rumba Club Essemble, La Firma, Patrick Alban, the Latin Thing and a closing program. They also had a different program for the second day of the LatinoFest. But it is still characterized with the same ardor and life as the first day of the party. The Hispanic community is strongly passionate when it comes to throwing a fun-filled and exciting event. There has never been a year that gone by that the Hispanics have taken for granted the celebration of this much awaited annual fest.

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