Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Hispanic Bar Association District of ColumbiaJust like any other Hispanic Bar Association, the one in Washington D.C. is a non-profit, non-partisan professional group that was established in the year 1977. As of today, there are 700 members of this organization which include practicing lawyers in D.C, Virginia and Maryland, law students and other non-lawyer associates.

HBA-DC strongly encourages the participation of all its members and they hold regular meetings with the Board of Directors too. These meetings usually happen every first Tuesday of the month in the evening.

The HBA-DC is driven to achieve its goal because of the following principles:

  • Developing and improving the interests of Hispanics in the field of law.
  • Fostering equality in the justice system for all Latinos in the country.
  • Keeping Hispanics informed about the relevant legal issues.
  • Commissioning Hispanic lawyers and law students towards professional development.
  • Creating an interest among the community for the legal profession.
  • Furthering the appointment of Hispanic leaders in Federal, state and local government bodies and legal positions.

HBA-DC : Putting their principles into action

To realize their goals, the organization is engaged in different programs and events. They host varied networking events in partner with other professional groups. They also make it a point to comment on current issues that involve the Hispanic community. They collect and distribute information on job opportunities and share it to their members. HBA-DC also publishes a newsletter to report on the activities that the organization has accomplished.

HBA-DC offers assistance to Hispanic citizens who need pro-bono legal services and they also sponsor mentor-mentee activities for the law students and new lawyers. They make it a point to keep their members up-to-date about employment opportunities in the local government and encourage members to participate in bar, civic boards and other legal committees. They also monitor laws that concern issues like immigration, welfare reform, budget measures, bilingual education and any major matters concerning the Hispanic community.

How to Become a Member

If you want to be a member of the HBA-DC, here’s what you have to do. You have to pay an annual due as their membership runs for a 12-month period only after the designated due is settled. Different kinds of members have varying amounts to pay. For example, an attorney member of a firm or legal department with 200 or more lawyers has to pay $65 while an attorney who works in an office with less than 200 attorneys employed will pay $55. Law students who want to be members are permitted for free as well as honorary members. If you are not an existing member of the group all you have to do is to submit an application form.

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