Getting to Know More About the Hispanic Dental Association in D.C.

Dental AssistantYou may already have heard of the Hispanic Dental Association located in Washington D.C. This is a national, non-profit organization of dental health personnel and students that focuses on the promotion of oral health care for the Hispanic community all across the country. They also help aspiring dental students who are Spanish in origin to realize their dream of being an oral health professional. The main purpose of this group is to advocate better and up-to-date dental services to their fellow Hispanics living in the United States. In fact, the mission statement of this organization says it all.

Moreover, this group was founded a couple of years ago. In 1990, a handful of oral health professionals were drive by the idea to improve and promote dental services for the Hispanic community. At that time, the founders were well aware that the Spanish people were underrepresented when it comes to medical and dental careers, allied health field and education. Although the percentage of the Hispanics is positively growing in the dental oral health care world, it is still below the general population that held such titles. That is why the founders of the Hispanic Dental Association saw it as a must and an opportunity to start up this group.

Based on the observation that the Hispanic community is indeed a growing power in this industry, the founders saw it fit to take advantage of the opportunity. They saw a bright and promising future for the oral health of the Hispanics. They founded the group with the mindset of gathering people who are service-oriented in providing and improving dental services for the Latin population. The founders have created a set of objectives that were all aimed towards that goal. The HDA is indeed comprised of brilliant programs and activities that are all beneficial for the Spanish race. To explicate further, here are some of the objectives that make up this organization.

As pointed out earlier, this association was created to give a sounding voice to the Hispanic community in the industry of oral health care. It is the group’s mission to make the prevention, treatment and education of oral health amongst the Hispanics improved and updated. The members of HDA also make it a point to advocate research and knowledge that are related to the field. They task themselves to spread out whatever helpful information they find not only to the Hispanic dental professionals but also to the entire community. One of the things that they give high importance to is to be able to provide a reliable source of education to Spanish people who are aspiring to be a part of the dental industry. In fact, they strongly encourage students to pursue a degree in this field and to be a helping hand to the rest of the Hispanic community. After all, there are numerous universities across the U.S. that provide accredited courses in dental health. The HDA is more that willing to provide assistance and support to any Latin student who wants to take up this career path.

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