Get To Know the Hispanic Community in the United States

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Hispanic population in the United States is rapidly increasing, in a recent report; 53 million Hispanics are now residing in the U.S. forming communities all over America, thus, making the largest ethnic group in the states. Hispanic community not only gained the power to potentially influence the United States in terms of political and economical issues, they have also made their share in part of the American culture including the entertainment and media industry.

However, there is a growing confusion of what it’s really like to be a part of the Hispanic community and what influences have changed them accordingly. Because of their common language and their similarities in appearance and the distinction among their traditions and beliefs, this does not mean everything is the same about them.

Being in the Largest Ethnic Community in the States

Seeing a Hispanic community anywhere you go in the United States is more than common. But not everyone fully understands what it’s really like to be a part of this group. Most people think that Hispanics form a natural commonality among them in terms of characteristics, culture and language. However, there are also differences that can only be distinguished once you get to know them.

Being in the Hispanic community does not mean that they share everything in common, even in beliefs and traditions. Let us not forget that even though they are called Hispanics, they came from different countries across America and they have been living in different states in the U.S. which also have centuries-old culture of their own. Although Hispanics came from the same ancestors, this does not mean they are purely similar with one another, they are different individuals from different families who came from countries with cultures that have already been merged to that of their own forming differences among the others.

Because of their large and growing number, the spread of their community is fast, their identity have already marked the American population and has been combined to the culture. However, being in the United States and even having the biggest number of ethnic population growth does not exempt them from having the tag of “Made in the USA”. Why? Because United States is a powerful country with a very influential culture and people.

Keeping the Hispanic Blood in the Community

Although the Hispanics are open to change and adapting the American culture and vice versa, the blood that runs through their veins still links them tightly to their own culture; even though the exchange and share of culture between the United States and Hispanics creates a positive impact to both races in different sectors of cultural exchange, keeping some traditions and culture that you grew up to is a natural thing to do.

The positive results of this cross-cultural phenomenon shows that no matter which community you belong to and no matter how influential one culture might be, there is no denying that one’s own race will always be apparent. Contact Hispanics in your area and celebrate your culture together.

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