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Have you or anyone you’ve known suffered in any way as a result of the imprudence of another? Did it result in injury, sickness or even death? Was it you, a family member, your life partner or a dear friend? Such incidences can be life-changing and cause disorder in one’s life as well as negatively affect the lives of those around you. Even if direct effects are only temporary, other changes that were caused indirectly could still have a permanent mark.

Don’t allow the incident to rule your life any longer. Demand for the rightfully liable person or company to take responsibility. Stand up for your rights. Regain control through Hilton & Somer. They are dedicated to aiding people who were injured or affected differently by traumatic experiences caused by the disregard of others. They render services for cases from accidents to wrongful death to products liability.

The firm is composed of steadfast attorneys who work hard to fight for you so that you get the result that you are entitled to. Hilton & Somer, formerly known as the David L. Hilton law firm, is guided by two principles, namely “knowledgeable legal guidance” and “personal attention.”

Because they’re a small firm, they give you the needed attention your case deserves which large firms can’t guarantee you. They adapt our services to your interests. Your case will always be considered as top priority and you will always be an A-list client. You are important to them.  Hilton & Somer always put in the effort to get to know you so that they can serve your needs well. They have the credentials to assure you that they are able to get the maximum compensation you should receive. Personal injury is their expertise and they have garnered a reputation in the field. In 2004, Robert Somer was named as one of the top law firms for personal injury by the Washingtonian Magazine. His experience alone covers 300 trials as he is licensed in the states of Georgia, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Many of his cases were granted 6-figure rulings and even settlements just as high for others. The firm only has lawyers that show the equally same amount of passion and expertise required to make sure that you will benefit from the trial.

Hilton & Somer take care to stay in touch with life. Being devoted athletes outside the law profession, they understand how necessary it is to have a holistic well-being to entirely enjoy life and all its opportunities. The firm can relate to those who have been robbed blindly of future opportunities and those they were already enjoying prior to the occurrence that they may no longer have the freedom to enjoy.

As part of the firm’s dedication to seeing your interests are met, they do not require you to pay anything―not even a cent’s worth―for them to attend to you and for you to gain expert and personalised legal services until they recover the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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