Eugenio Maria de Hostos

Eugenio Maria de HostosEugenio Maria de Hostos was a Puerto Rican teacher, lawyer, sociologist, intellectual and philosopher who contributed to the independence of the Hispanics. To show their gratitude to the independence advocate, they celebrate his birthday every Jan 10th of the year.

Independence Advocate

Eugenio Maria de Hostos joined the Cuban Revolutionary Committee in the United States. He then became the editor of the journal ‘La Revolucion’. He strongly believed in creating the Antillean Confederation among Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. His fellow Puerto Ricans also welcomed and supported the idea because there were many people who badly want their independence from Spain. However, not everyone wanted to be revolutionaries which was why they preferred to be annexed by the U.S.

Through the Antillean Confederation, Hostos was able to promote the independence of Puerto Rico and Cuba. He traveled to many countries just to see this succeed. The countries that he went to include France, Columbia, United States, Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Cuba and many more.

Contributions to Latin America

Peru was one of the countries that Hostos has visited in the past. While he was there, he helped develop the country’s educational system and he also spoke against the harsh treatment invoked on the Chinese people who live there. He stayed in Chile for 3 years and taught in the University of Chile. He even gave a speech called ‘The Scientific Education of Women’. In this speech, he proposed the idea that women should be given the chance to enroll in colleges. Not long after, his wish was granted and women were accepted in the school.

As an Educator

Hostos was in Dominican Republic in the year 1875 when he founded the first Normal School in Santo Domingo. There he implemented advanced teaching techniques that were opposed by the Catholic church as Hostos did not agree to teaching any religious courses in the school.

He left for Venezuela in 1876 and married Belinda Otilia de Ayala. He returned to Dominican Republic 3 years later when his first Normal school was finally inaugurated. He got the title of director and furthermore, helped built the second Normal school in Santiago de los Caballeros.

In 1899, he returned to the United States and participated in independence movements among Puerto Ricans and Cubans. His proposals were sadly rejected by the Americans because they turned the island into an American colony, which failed Hostos’ dream to gain independence for the Puerto Ricans.

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