El Pregonero

el pregoneroIf you have never heard of this, El Pregonero is the weekly Spanish newspaper meant for the Hispanic community who lives in Washington D.C. This newspaper company was created to help preserve the community’s identity and Catholic faith while keeping them informed especially Latinos who have just immigrated to the country.

El Pregonero is the oldest Spanish-language newspaper in the metropolitan area and it is the most respected as well. It started on August 1977 as a means of communication for the growing Hispanic community in the state. It keeps them informed in their own language and provides guidance to the new immigrants with their struggle to adjust to a new society.

Through the years, El Pregonero has gained more popularity and trust especially with the help of the awards for excellence that the publication received from both regional and national competitions. Since the newspaper was established, it has served an important role in the Hispanic community’s growth – providing information and advice, entertainment and sports, commentaries and many more from the Latin American.

One good thing about this publication is that it promotes journalism as a way of communication among all the Latinos living in Washington. It is one of the many efforts of the Hispanics to participate in the American society. Ever since they migrated to the United States, they did what they could to contribute and help in the progress and development of the country.


Mission Statement

As a Catholic media organization, Carroll Publishing Company efficiently communicates the teachings of the Bible as lived by the Catholic church in the Archdiocese of metropolitan Washington. Through their publications and other media, the company provides accurate news and information about the church and its general role – national and international levels. Carroll Publishing Company serves as the key to education and evangelization that builds faith and unity among the local church and community of D.C. Furthermore, they want to create a forum of respectful views based on the teaching of the church; defending God-given dignity of all humanity, promoting a Catholic community rich in ethnic and cultural diversity and inspiring people to lead holy and faithful lives.

Vision Statement

Carroll Publishing Company is the first source of reliable news and information with the Catholic faith in mind. They aim to serve the diverse Hispanic community in Washington D.C. by providing first-hand commentaries and keeping the people updated. Education and evangelization are two of their important focuses.

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