Depression during Pregnancy

depression during pregnancyIn general, moms-to-be are overwhelmed by the feeling of happiness and excitement. But there are also those who struggle with the feeling of depression and anxiety. This is nothing to worry about as it is fairly normal, what matters though is how one copes with the feeling. Read on to better understand depression during pregnancy.

Causes of Depression during Pregnancy

  • Having background of depression
  • Young pregnant women are more susceptible to depression
  • Living on alone and lack of support from family
  • Limited socialization
  • Domestic violence
  • Unsure about the situation
  • Spousal problems

How Does Depression Affect Your Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman is depressed, she tends to overlook her own needs. She will sometimes forget to care for herself and may not eat or sleep properly. She will also be unable to follow medical advises from her doctor which is of course, not good for the pregnancy.

Too much depression during pregnancy can cause the woman to resort to smoking and drinking or even illegal drugs. All of these can harm the developing baby and risk the woman’s health too. When an expecting mother is depressed, she will also fail to bond with her baby.

How Does Pregnancy Affect Depression

If a woman already has a history of depression, being pregnant can make the situation worse for her. It can bring back unwelcome memories and worsen depression symptoms. It can also contribute to the risk of developing further depression after giving birth – postpartum depression.

Steps to Take to Prevent Depression during Pregnancy

Being an expecting mother can cause a lot of pressure and demand hard work from a woman. However, she should not forget that her health comes first. First of all, she should minimise her chores and not overwork herself. She should make time to do things that makes her feel comfortable and relaxed.

If a pregnant woman takes good care of herself, she is also taking good care of her unborn baby. The baby will feel that and that’s also important. Whenever a woman feels depressed during pregnancy, she should discuss her concerns with her partner, family or friends. Talking about the problem will help soothe the feeling of being depressed.

If talking to her loved ones does not help, she can seek professional help from a mental health specialist. Scientific evidence shows that most of the antidepressant medicines are safe for expecting mothers. However, she should consult her doctor first before taking any as it may still harm her growing baby.

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