Cultural and Socioeconomic Factors that Affect Cancer-related Issues among the Hispanic Community

Cancer Among HispanicsUnderserved groups living in the United States, such as the Hispanic community, are more likely to develop cancer and die from the illness as compared to the general population. Lack of access to proper care and treatment is one of the factors behind this. For example, breast cancer incidents among Latinas are lower than white residents of the same age group living in the country but they are more likely to die from the illness.

Some of the factors that cause disparities in cancer situations are culture, economic class, social injustice and poverty. Numerous programs have been established with the goal of improving rates of cancer screening and cancer outcomes. Health organizations aim to improve the Hispanic community’s understanding of the complexities of the said illness to decrease the incidence of related deaths.

Influence of Experience with Medical Care in the Home Country – Mexico

The medical experiences of an individual from the home country will affect his or her expectations about the services that he or she will get from the country that he or she immigrated to. People who have too many negative experiences may have poor health-seeking behaviors.

Latinos who are Mexican in origin have very limited access to health care back home, especially when they are poor. This is one of the reasons that make them hesitant to seek medical help in the United States. It makes them wonder how they can access something in a foreign country that is deprived to them in their native land.

Mexicans are not used to getting the proper medical attention that they need which makes them more confused about the system. Most of them seek the help of a pharmacist or a faith healer instead of consulting a doctor. They expect the service to be slow and have developed the mind-set that medical providers will not help them.

Their beliefs make it more difficult for American medical professionals to prove themselves to the Hispanic community.

Cancer Incidence

The cancer incidence in the country is affected by many factors and these are the following:

  1. Regional, behavioral and genetic differences
  2. Native or foreign born
  3. The country one has emigrated from
  4. Socioeconomic status
  5. Degree of acculturation

Coincidentally, the cancer incidence among the Hispanics living in the country is similar to that of their native land. However, this may change as the percentage of immigration increases and people began to adapt the overall burden in the U.S.

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