Criminal Injuries Claim

criminal injuries claimCriminal injuries claim are filed by victims of violent crimes or those who suffered from an injury from the hands of a criminal. Making such claim is not a complicated process, especially if you have a good lawyer to help you out. Choose an attorney who will be able to clearly explain the legal technicalities of your case until you understand.

Eligible People to Claim for Criminal Injury Compensation

It is always a traumatic experience to be a victim of a crime, especially if it involves physical injury. Some victims who incur scars are forever reminded by the tragic situation that they experienced. If you suffered from physical injury because of violence that was used towards you, you should definitely file a claim of criminal injury. It should be very unfair on your end if you continue to suffer after the incident has took place for a long time.

The quality of life that you lead may be impacted by the actions of a criminal and you may suffer from both physical and mental injuries. It may also cause unbearable emotional stress and you have to seek justice for that.

If in any case you feel that you have been physically or psychologically violated by the actions of a criminal, then claiming compensation is certainly one of your legal rights. Although winning financial compensation will never make up for the pain and hurt that you’ve incurred, it can still help you improve the quality of your life.

Types of Criminal Injuries Claim

There are many types of criminal injuries claim that can be made. Here are some examples to help you.

The first one can be made directly to your criminal attacker. Usually, attorneys do not advice this type of claim because it can be difficult to enforce the judgment. Most of the criminal attackers are not financially capable to pay the claimant. Therefore, you will not receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries. In some cases, the judge will rule that if the criminal is put to jail he or she will no longer be liable to pay you anything.

Next example is a claim that you can file against your employer. You can do this if you have been the victim of a violent crime while performing your role at the workplace. The claim you make against your employer will depend upon the circumstances during the incident. If there wasn’t enough security at your workplace, then you may argue that your employer did not impose the necessary precautions to protect you as an employee.

Always remember that there is a designated organization that can help you when filing a criminal injury claim. Never hesitate to seek help whenever you need it because criminals should always be punished for their violent actions.

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