Civil Rights Movement for the Hispanic Community

Depositphotos_11417836_lIt is very apparent these days that the Hispanic community living in the United States is experiencing some crisis. Although some government officials try to conceal the issue by openly talking about immigration reform, the issue still surfaces. It’s quite sad how an alarming socioeconomic problem such as this is being swept under the rug by those who are in power. Some even promote illegal immigration in major cities as they aim to portray a prospering Hispanic community in the country. One of the best examples that these officials are using their government positions to help the Latinos settle in is the Dream Act.

Some of cities that serve as home to many Hispanics are Washington D.C., Chicago, Maryland and Los Angeles. It has been noted that the democratic leaders of the country tend to confine them in rural areas and draw a boundary line just like how it is done between the whites and the blacks. The saddest part is that this “restraint” comes with poor educational and work opportunities, low salary rate, high single motherhood count and a lot more. A recent survey shows that the rate of high-school dropout in the Hispanic community is slowly rising every year. They even outnumber the blacks when it comes to this issue.

What should be done to alleviate this problem concerning the Hispanic residents of the U.S.? First of all, there should be leadership and a paradigm for reform. The leaders should stop being barriers to change and instead be patrons to make things flow easy. They should be the ones to expose oppressive sociopolitical movements instead of promoters. They should look for ways on how these problems can be improved and avoided. Political leaders should at least find a solution to the economic crisis that is infesting the Hispanic community. They all deserve better-paying jobs that provide them with benefits like Medicare and social security.

Political leaders should stop encouraging the Latinos to come to the country without documents. The absence of these documents hinders them from enjoying the benefits that they should. The abusive leaders can also use this as an excuse to confine them in Hispanic communities that offer very poor opportunities. Democrats should now realize that restraining these people in certain areas only increases the rate of single motherhood and school dropouts. The situation right now is that these leaders tend to wash their hands clean from the issue. And because of this, the Hispanics remain to be in the shadows of oppressive leaders who do not intend to make their lives better.

It should be enough to make the Americans aware of this oppression. However, when will this much-awaited civil rights movement for the Hispanic community take place? For as long as this issue is not resolved or improved, there will always be the possibility that despair and exasperation will rise from these people. This is obviously a call to the lack of leadership in the country. This is a call to the awareness that the political leaders are only growing the Hispanic community to their electoral advantage. This should not be the case which makes a civil rights movement more than necessary.

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