Chocolate is Good for Your Health

Dark ChocolateDo you want to know how you can improve your brain power and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases? Chocolate. Yes, you’ve read right. Chocolate is good for your health when taken moderately.

An article published last October 2012 supports this claim as the study where it was based concludes that consuming chocolate can improve a person’s cognitive function. However, it has been declared that no clear cause and effect has been established by the research.

Further studies also claimed that eating chocolates on a regular basis can reduce cardiovascular diseases and the risk of suffering from stroke. Another study shows that it can also lower down blood pressure and an efficient recovery drink after performing rigorous exercise.

However, keep in mind that it should be eaten in moderation. Too much chocolate, just like anything else is also bad for your health.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Healthier heart. Eating one or two servings of dark chocolate each week can cut down the risk of heart failure. If consumed on a daily basis, it can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke too. This is because chocolate contains flavonoids – antioxidant compounds that help the veins and arteries become more flexible. When coupled with regular exercise, chocolate is the best reward you can give to your health.

Weight loss. Adding dark chocolate to your daily diet plan can actually help you shed off some pounds. Dark colored chocolates are filling and it gives the feeling of satiety. It reduces your cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods. A small amount should help you stick to your diet.

Prevent diabetes. Dark chocolate, when consumed moderately, can help control your insulin sensitivity.

Reduced stress. Just like what people always tell you, when the going gets tougher than expected dig into your chocolate stash! Anxious people who eat dark chocolate on a daily basis reduced the stress hormone levels and metabolic effects of stress. When going through tough times, eat chocolate instead of ice cream!

Sun protection. A research conducted in London showed that chocolate flavanol has sun-protecting properties. The higher flavanol level of a chocolate, the more efficient it is to protect you from incurring a sun burn.

Higher intelligence. Whenever you feel pressured at work, chomp down on a bar of dark chocolate from your vending machine. It will help reduce your stress and boost your brain power too. It is said that drinking cocoa or any chocolate drink that’s rich in flavanol can increase blood flow to key parts of your brain.

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