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Why Water is Good for You

water therapyThe human body is said to be made up of 60% percent water – using it in all its cells, organs and tissues to continue proper function and regulate temperature. Health experts highly suggest the regular intake of water and foods that contain fluids because your body loses it just by simply breathing and sweating. The amount of water that is required by your body is determined by several factors:

  • If you’re physically active or not
  • The climate of the place you live in
  • If you have illness or none
  • And many more…

Importance of Water in the Body

First of all, water protects your spinal cord, tissues and joints. Water can do more than just quenching your thirst, it can also keep your body tissues moist. It’s important that the moisture level of your eyes, nose, mouth, bones, brain and blood is at its optimum because these are very sensitive areas. And since water act as a lubricant and cushion for your joints, it also serves as a shield for your spinal cord.

Water Removes Waste from Body

If you have adequate amount of water in your body, it would be easier to remove waste form it through perspiring, urinating and defecating. Your internal organs like the kidney and liver uses water to flush out the toxins and wastes. Water can also prevent constipation as it keeps your stool soft. However, keep in mind that increasing water intake is not proven to cure constipation.

Helps Your Digestive System

The digestive process starts with your saliva which is based on water. The enzymes that are found in the saliva are responsible in breaking down food and liquid that you take in your body. It turns them into minerals and nutrients that are essential to your body. Water aids in your digestion of soluble fibers that benefits your bowel health by producing soft stools that easily pass through your system.

It Prevents Dehydration

Your body loses water every time you engage in physical activities. In fact, it loses water even when you’re just sitting around. It’s very important that you drink water especially during high heat climate or performing vigorous exercise. Lack in water may lead to dehydration that is very dangerous for your health. Doctors even recommend their patients to increase water intake if it would help treat some health conditions like UTI and other bladder infections. Higher levels of fluid intake are also advisable for expecting mothers and new mothers who are breastfeeding.