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Perks of Having the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

criminal defense lawyerIf you’ve done something that can result to serious penalties, you better look for the best criminal defense lawyer in town or you’ll surely serve some time in prison.

You’ll need someone to represent you in court and prevent you from looking at prison time. The legal system of the country does not care if you have a great mind and a high IQ. It requires you to have a competent representative in the form of a licensed attorney.

Criminal cases vary from one another and each criminal lawyer has their own specialization. The best criminal defense lawyer should be able to spot certain arguments and factors that could mitigate your case. Some may even be able to get you a negotiation instead.

The bottom line is you would need a good lawyer for your criminal trial for committing a potential crime.

Obligations of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • Call witnesses in your defense and cross-examine witnesses of the prosecution.
  • Work with you and the prosecutor to come up with a ‘negotiation’. Doing this should help with your potential sentence and even get rid of the charges filed against you.
  • Come up with a good plan to alleviate your potential sentence. If you have a good criminal defense lawyer, he or she should be able to stop you from coming back in the criminal justice system in case you are proven guilty.
  • Help you deal with your turmoil of emotions – depression, embarrassment, low self-esteem. He or she should be able to provide emotional support.
  • Must keep you up-to-date of your trial’s status. A good criminal defense lawyer always has helpful insights about your case and what your next action should be. He or she should ready you for whatever is going to happen with your case in the future.
  • Educate you about certain legal rules and regulations. Many of the laws that apply to criminal prosecutions cannot be found on books.
  • Inform you about the hidden costs that come with pleading guilty. Although doing so may shorten your potential sentence, you may not be able to find a job after serving your punishment.
  • A good criminal lawyer is vigilant in finding evidence for your case. He or she is able to efficiently gather statements or witnesses to help out your case.
  • Hire investigators that can perform investigations to both the crime and the witnesses. In short, a good criminal lawyer will exhaust his or her resources just to help you with your case.

Cultural and Socioeconomic Factors that Affect Cancer-related Issues among the Hispanic Community

Cancer Among HispanicsUnderserved groups living in the United States, such as the Hispanic community, are more likely to develop cancer and die from the illness as compared to the general population. Lack of access to proper care and treatment is one of the factors behind this. For example, breast cancer incidents among Latinas are lower than white residents of the same age group living in the country but they are more likely to die from the illness.

Some of the factors that cause disparities in cancer situations are culture, economic class, social injustice and poverty. Numerous programs have been established with the goal of improving rates of cancer screening and cancer outcomes. Health organizations aim to improve the Hispanic community’s understanding of the complexities of the said illness to decrease the incidence of related deaths.

Influence of Experience with Medical Care in the Home Country – Mexico

The medical experiences of an individual from the home country will affect his or her expectations about the services that he or she will get from the country that he or she immigrated to. People who have too many negative experiences may have poor health-seeking behaviors.

Latinos who are Mexican in origin have very limited access to health care back home, especially when they are poor. This is one of the reasons that make them hesitant to seek medical help in the United States. It makes them wonder how they can access something in a foreign country that is deprived to them in their native land.

Mexicans are not used to getting the proper medical attention that they need which makes them more confused about the system. Most of them seek the help of a pharmacist or a faith healer instead of consulting a doctor. They expect the service to be slow and have developed the mind-set that medical providers will not help them.

Their beliefs make it more difficult for American medical professionals to prove themselves to the Hispanic community.

Cancer Incidence

The cancer incidence in the country is affected by many factors and these are the following:

  1. Regional, behavioral and genetic differences
  2. Native or foreign born
  3. The country one has emigrated from
  4. Socioeconomic status
  5. Degree of acculturation

Coincidentally, the cancer incidence among the Hispanics living in the country is similar to that of their native land. However, this may change as the percentage of immigration increases and people began to adapt the overall burden in the U.S.

Seven Things that You Should Know About Lawyers

Facts about LawyersMany people are still confused when it comes to a lawyer’s job description and responsibilities. There are various types of lawyers and each has a different responsibility. If there would come a time that you would need to seek the help of an attorney, you should be well-informed about what they really do. Here are ten things that you should know about lawyers before hiring one.

Not All Lawyers Go To Court

The media may have bombarded the public with images of lawyers in courtrooms. However, be aware that not all lawyers make an appearance before judges. There are whom they call ‘transactional lawyers’ and these people work behind the scenes. They write contracts for their clients and perform other legal work that does not call for appearing in court.

Attorneys are Officers of the Court

An individual who graduated from law school needs to pass the bar exam first to be licensed to practice the law. Also, he needs to be sworn as an officer of the court to be an advocate of the duties of the office.

Lawyers have to Undergo a Moral Character Test

 Generally, lawyers are honest and moral people. They have to be to obtain success in their career. Before any lawyer can take the bar exam, he or she is required to undergo a moral character test and background check too.

Lawyers have a Code of Ethics to Follow

Lawyers are required to abide by ethical rules included in the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to ensure the protection of their clients.

A Lawyer Cannot Disclose Any Information that You Tell Him

A client should be comfortable and candid to his or her lawyer. Under any circumstance, a lawyer cannot tell anyone about your confession. It is part of the lawyer-client privilege that whatever you tell your attorney will be treated with utmost confidence.

Privilege is not Absolute

Lawyers are sworn to keep their client’s information and confession confidential at all costs. However, if you express the intention to immediately harm someone and he or she thinks that you are serious about your intent, it is the lawyer’s obligation to report your plan and stop you.

Some Lawyers Work on a Contingent Basis

Some types of lawyers such as personal injury attorneys will only accept your payment if they win your case. This arrangement is called the contingency fee – it allows you to file a case against someone who has wronged you even if you do not have the money to pay up front.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Chiropractic CareMany people who are experiencing back pain are turning to chiropractic care for treatment. Americans who suffer from back pain caused by accidents, sports injuries and muscle strains say that they are relieved from the pain after they receive chiropractic care. The hands-on spinal manipulation that chiropractors conduct is efficient in properly aligning the body’s muscoskeletal structure. This enables the body to self-heal even without undergoing surgery or medication.

What is Involved in Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Before a chiropractor conducts treatment for a patient, he or she will check the medical history of the individual, perform physical examination and may utilize lab tests to clearly determine if treatment is apt for your back pain.

There are several treatment plans that may include one or more manual adjustments wherein the chiropractor manipulates the joints through a controlled yet sudden force to improve mobility and range. If appropriate, the chiropractor would also include nutritional counseling or exercise with the treatment plan.

They would incorporate anything into the plan that they think would help restore the proper function of the body and prevent injuries that may lead to back pain.

Benefits and Risks of Chiropractic Care

Spinal manipulation through chiropractic techniques is a safe and efficient way to treat acute low back pain.  This type of pain is a sudden injury caused by moving heavy furniture or getting tackled. This pain is more common than chronic pain and it lasts around 6 weeks or more. It also gets better on its own.

According to researches, chiropractic care is also an efficient treatment for neck pain and headaches. It can also better illnesses like osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Chiropractors use moderate pressure and deep tissue massage to deal with these cases.

It is paramount that chiropractors do a medical history check on their patients before conducting treatments because this is not appropriate for people who have osteoporosis, spinal cord compression or inflammatory arthritis. Chiropractic care is also not advised for patients who are under blood-thinning medications.

People who have history of cancer should get clearance from their doctor first before they can undergo chiropractic care. Chiropractors also obtain an accurate diagnosis of their patient’s back pain so that they can determine the proper treatment.

If you are considering chiropractic treatment, you have to inform your attending chiropractor about your medical history. You should also include your ongoing medical conditions, current medications, lifestyle and surgical history if applicable.

 Unfortunately, there are cases wherein the treatment has worsened the medical situation of a patient. This happens when the patient is unable to well-inform his or her chiropractor and it’s very rare too. To ensure that you will get the best results from this treatment, you have to tell your health provider everything that he or she needs to know.

Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia

Hispanic Bar Association District of ColumbiaJust like any other Hispanic Bar Association, the one in Washington D.C. is a non-profit, non-partisan professional group that was established in the year 1977. As of today, there are 700 members of this organization which include practicing lawyers in D.C, Virginia and Maryland, law students and other non-lawyer associates.

HBA-DC strongly encourages the participation of all its members and they hold regular meetings with the Board of Directors too. These meetings usually happen every first Tuesday of the month in the evening.

The HBA-DC is driven to achieve its goal because of the following principles:

  • Developing and improving the interests of Hispanics in the field of law.
  • Fostering equality in the justice system for all Latinos in the country.
  • Keeping Hispanics informed about the relevant legal issues.
  • Commissioning Hispanic lawyers and law students towards professional development.
  • Creating an interest among the community for the legal profession.
  • Furthering the appointment of Hispanic leaders in Federal, state and local government bodies and legal positions.

HBA-DC : Putting their principles into action

To realize their goals, the organization is engaged in different programs and events. They host varied networking events in partner with other professional groups. They also make it a point to comment on current issues that involve the Hispanic community. They collect and distribute information on job opportunities and share it to their members. HBA-DC also publishes a newsletter to report on the activities that the organization has accomplished.

HBA-DC offers assistance to Hispanic citizens who need pro-bono legal services and they also sponsor mentor-mentee activities for the law students and new lawyers. They make it a point to keep their members up-to-date about employment opportunities in the local government and encourage members to participate in bar, civic boards and other legal committees. They also monitor laws that concern issues like immigration, welfare reform, budget measures, bilingual education and any major matters concerning the Hispanic community.

How to Become a Member

If you want to be a member of the HBA-DC, here’s what you have to do. You have to pay an annual due as their membership runs for a 12-month period only after the designated due is settled. Different kinds of members have varying amounts to pay. For example, an attorney member of a firm or legal department with 200 or more lawyers has to pay $65 while an attorney who works in an office with less than 200 attorneys employed will pay $55. Law students who want to be members are permitted for free as well as honorary members. If you are not an existing member of the group all you have to do is to submit an application form.

HNBA Annual Convention 2014

conferenceWhat’s It All About

HBA-DC is proud to partner with the Hispanic National Bar Association for the annual HNBA Convention in Washington D.C. this 2014. It should take place sometime in September 10 to 13 this year.

They plan to celebrate the 39th Annual Convention at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown DC. Hundreds of attorneys, judges and law students are expected to gather during this event. It should be an enjoyable and valuable three-day program that will feature Continuing Legal Education panels with top legal experts, national policy makers and leaders, etc.

This should be the nation’s largest Hispanic Career Fair with exhibits from prominent firms, companies and government agencies. This should be a fun, social activity that offers the best of DC. The theme for this year’s Annual Convention is “Unidos in Washington: Our Struggle, Our Progress”.


 Advocacy of HBA-DC

The focuses of the organization are the issues impacting the Hispanic community in Washington D.C. and across the nation. They send letters to policy makers and some of them are regarding the specific issues below:

  • Letter to Congress regarding comprehensive immigration reform
  • Letter to Senator Cardin regarding Immigrant Stories in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Letter to Senator Kaine regarding his 2013 Speech in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia Resolution in Support of Voter Protections
  • Letter to Congress regarding comprehensive immigration reform
  • And many more…



The organization plays an active role in advancing members of the Washington DC legal community by endorsing candidates for important legal positions. Good examples of these ‘positions’ are bench and bar leadership positions. Interested parties for such endorsements are encouraged to contact the Endorsement Committee co-chair, Mr. Sergio Oehninger at


Membership Benefits

HBA-DC gives importance to inputs regarding the improvement of the membership experience. The organization strongly encourages its members to share their thoughts on the membership benefits that they think will be helpful. The benefits list that HBA-DC offers include:

  • Subscription to HBA-DC’s weekly newsletter
  • Access to HBA-DC’s Job Board posts
  • Optional inclusion in the group’s Spanish Speaking Attorney Directory
  • A discounted price for attendance at HBA-DC’s annual Equal Justice Awards reception
  • The opportunity to participate in the organization’s various committees
  • Mentorship opportunities for law students and young attorneys
  • Invitation to our networking events
  • Invitation to our professional development workshops
  • Information concerning  pro bono opportunities, many directed to assisting the Hispanic community
  • Special $50 discounted rate to join the Hispanic National Bar Association, a savings of $25-$100 depending on HNBA member status

Gentle Healing Chiropractic – Damaris Bonilla

Healing-Chiropractic-Rehab-393x500Chiropractic Care is Highly Suggested

Chiropractic care is fast becoming popular these days not only because it is efficient, but also because it is a safe way to address certain illnesses in the body. For example, if you accidentally get your finger stuck on the door then you can go to a healing chiropractor to have the actual cause of your pain properly addressed. Chiropractic is a natural way of healthcare that addresses the human body as an integrated system.

The human body is very prone to stress brought about by the busy lives that people live today. You can get stress by hunching over a steering wheel, by wrongful sleeping position, by lifting heavy objects and many more. Because of the numerous factors that give you physical stress, the bones in your body can lose their natural ability to move and recover. Simple illnesses may lead to serious ones if you ignore the simple body pain that you feel.

Chiropractors are trained to locate these parts in your body that are not functioning properly. With the use of their hands and some instruments, they can relieve your body from pain. They can deliver a precise and gentle thrust that will get the affected area moving again. Overall, chiropractic care can help improve your health and well-being.

Patient-Centered Care

Damaris Bonilla manages a chiropractic office that specializes in healing chiropractic. They spend time to listen to their patients concerns and questions. They aim to provide high quality individualized care to anyone who needs her service. If you want to book an appointment with them, you may do so at anytime. In fact, she highly recommends that you book long appointment because it will allow her team to address your needs appropriately.

A Bit of Background on the Chiropractor

Damaris Bonilla was born in 1969 and currently lives in Tampa. Before residing in Tampa, she lived in Bradenton, FL for a few years. Her office handles patients who suffered from vehicular accidents and pregnant women too. They are popular and well-trusted because of their gentle healing hands. THey can make adjustments with the help of a hand-held tool without the popping and cracking that is usually associated with chiropractic care. At Healing Chiropractic, they make sure that adjustments are comfortable and relaxing.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Hire

hilton and somerAccidents are inevitable. We cannot predict when it will happen to us but we can do something about it, especially if we are on the losing end. If we get involved in an accident, we usually acquire an injury from it. Accidents result from different situations – car accident, industrial or on-the-job accident, slip accident, sport accident, etc. Physical injuries may also be acquired from physical abuse, assault or domestic violence. It is sad that even children can be victims of these crimes. Furthermore, physical injuries may result from other situations such as medical malpractice, product defects, premise hazards, etc.

Personal injury lawyers handle cases that involve the above mention accidents and situations. Their purpose is to help an individual or group that has been duly violated by another individual or group. The violated party should always be compensated by the other party for the loss and suffering that was caused by the latter. If you or your loved one has incurred physical injury due to the wrongdoing or negligence of anther individual or group, then do not hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Cases that Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

  • Car accidents – an accident that typically happens unintentionally.
  • Work-related physical injuries
  • Medical malpractice – over 150,000 individuals suffer from this type of physical injury every year and an estimate of 80,000 victims die from medical malpractice. This type of physical injury is a result of someone’s negligence and wrongdoing.
  • Sport accidents – this is also unintentional and a result of rigorous physical activity. However, the rising number of sport-related accident is quite alarming.
  • Violence – this is one of the worse forms of abuse that usually happens among women and children.
  • Brain and spinal cord injuries – the cause for this type of injury varies but it is often the most severe case of physical injury. Most of the time, it leads to a more serious illness or even disability.

Hilton and Somer LLC

Hilton and Somer are physical injury lawyers that are helping injured people all throughout Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland. They handle various personal injury cases, especially ones that are obviously a case of negligence and wrongdoing. They observe a very client-focused representation and they treat all of their clients equally. Hilton and Somer became popular in the industry because of their legal excellence and high quality service. In fact, their achievements are recognized not only by their clients but also peers and publications. The firm’s attorneys are always ready to represent a victim of any personal injury case.

Attorney Daniel Lopez – Protect Your Investment

Daniel T.  LopezWhat are corporate lawyers

Simply put, a corporate lawyer is someone who focuses in corporations law. His or her role is to make sure of the legality of commercial transactions. Offices hire these lawyers to advise them on their legal rights and duties. They also guide the corporate officers to make wise and responsible decisions. Corporate lawyers should be knowledgeable when it comes to contract law, tax law, accounting, securities law, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights, licensing, zoning laws and any other law that is related to the businesses and finance.

Corporate lawyers have somewhat of a less stressful work environment as compared to those who practice trial law. As they say, lawyers for commercial transactions are just facilitators of the deal. Rarely does it happen that they become opponents or enemies. Corporate lawyers are around to ensure structured transactions and negotiated deals rather than unsettled disputes.


Requirements for Becoming a Corporate Lawyer

  • Juris Doctor – to those who want to become a corporate lawyer, they must complete a 3-year Juris Doctor or JD from any accredited law school. Before they can be admitted to law school, they must first finish a bachelor’s degree program and acquire a passing score on the Law School Admission Test.
  • Master of Laws – law school graduates who wish to expand their knowledge about the field and venture into corporate and business may take up a 1-year Master of Laws program. This usually focuses on legal writing and theory. However, students are more than free to customize their path of study.
  • Licensure – after completing their preferred law programs, they are required to pass the bar exam before they can begin their practice. But they may have to take more than the bar exam if they wish to work for a company that requires it.


Who is Daniel Lopez

Attorney Daniel Lopez has now 15 years or so of reliable experience in the industry. He has been rendering his services in the state and federal courts of Northern Virginia. It is quite an understatement to say that Attorney Daniel Lopez is a success because he’s earned more of that title. He is very hard working as he really prepares for each case that he handles. In fact, he tailors his legal services to meet the different demands of his varying clients. His primary areas of expertise are criminal defense and immigration litigation. He graduated from the George Washington University School of Law in Washington, D.C. He worked for the United States Court of Claims and Connecticut Superior Court. He was also a part of AYUDA, a non-profit organization that helps immigrants and any related issue to immigration.