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How to Take Extra Care of Your Vagina

healthy vaginaYour vagina is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. It deserves all the tender, loving care that you can give it every day. It does a lot of good things for you – like childbirth, and keeping it clean is just one way for you to return such favors. The following are helpful tips to keep your vagina in a happy, healthy state.

Buy Comfortable Underwear

Even though your lady part will appreciate wearing sexy lingerie, they also need the comfort that granny panties offer every once in a while. Your vagina has its own way of enjoying every type of underwear that you have in your drawer – so be sure to always have a variety!

Don’t Wear Any Underwear to Sleep

Sometimes, it’s good to let your lady part breathe freely without wearing any underwear to sleep. You can even ditch wearing one as you about your daily activities! However, try to avoid doing so if you’re planning to put on some jeans.

Spoil Your Lady Part by Eating Healthy Foods

Eating a healthy diet can also do a big thing for your vagina. Keep in stock fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and Greek yogurt for optimum vaginal health. Good food will also keep it smelling fresh and clean.

Don’t be Afraid to Check Yourself Out

It is a fact that many women are hesitant to grab a mirror and check their vaginas closely. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but keep in mind that it is important to keep a close watch to your private part. Being familiar with the way it looks will help you recognize unlikely changes and prevent potential problems from happening down there.

 Always Shower After Workout

Never skip your post-sweat shower session as doing so may lead to serious yeast infections. You may find yourself caught up in more itchy situations that you can handle and you wouldn’t like that.

Do Kegels!

Kegels will help make your vaginal walls and tissues stronger. Doing this regularly will serve as an additional protection for your lady part to incur serious problems in the long run.

Wear Padded Bike Shorts

If you are fond of cycling, especially long miles, make sure to wear padded bike shorts to protect your vagina and to avoid suffering from any cycling-induced spasms and pains.

Simple Tips for Proper Grooming

personal hygiene

Time and again, we’ve been reminded by our parents that healthy personal habits can help us ward off illnesses and even improve our confidence. Our everyday personal hygiene routine can be as simple as washing our hands regularly and brushing our teeth at least twice daily.

These practices will help keep bacteria and viruses from giving us illnesses. Moreover, proper grooming also has mental and physical benefits. It boosts our self-esteem and generally makes us feel good about life.

Bathe Regularly

We should wash our hair and body on a regular basis. Cleaning our body and shampooing our hair will help maintain our overall well-being. Our body is constantly shedding skin and we need to scrub that off because it can cause serious diseases.

Cut Your Nails

We should trim our fingernails and toenails regularly to avoid hang nails and infected nail beds. Also, if our feet are always dirty and damp it is more likely for us to develop athlete’s foot.

Floss and Brush

It is highly suggested that we brush our teeth every after eating. If that’s not possible, then we should at least brush our teeth twice every day. Brushing our teeth helps minimize bacteria buildup in our mouth which can lead to tooth decay and various gum diseases. Some gum problems may also lead to serious valve problems which cause our teeth to loosen or break easily. When this happens, we would have difficulty in eating and we won’t have a healthy smile. We should make it a habit to visit our dentist regularly.

Always Wash Your Hands

Let’s all make it a habit to wash our hands before preparing or eating food. Also when after we use the bathroom, after we sneeze or throwing out the garbage. Washing our hands regularly can help prevent spreading the bacteria and viruses. Let’s also make it a habit to keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with us for instant hand-washing when water and soap are not available.

Get a Goodnight’s Rest

We should always get plenty of rest every night. We need at least 8 hours of good sleep so that we are refreshed when we wake up in the morning. If we lack sleep, we also slack off during the day. We tend to neglect our chores or have poor performance at work. Let us not leave our bodies feeling run down as this can weaken our immune system.